Power Listening

Have you ever noticed that when someone is speaking to you, you only half listen? While it’s possible to not “get caught” if your 50% is of the most important points, it’s far from optimal. That said, I suspect that you will miss out on the real connection that takes place when you give your rapt attention.

So if you want all of the benefits of a relationship, do a bit of power listening (with your head and your heart.)

Have a great day,

Get on Course

We are working on a pretty intense phase of the website redesign and content review. It’s a big deal and takes a lot of time. So here is my approach: I set an alarm on a clock and I just focus, work, and get it done – 15 minutes at a time. It’s working and even (dare I say) a little fun.

Get on course and you will make progress.

Best regards,

The Power of the Comeback

Over the weekend, the word “comeback” came up into my view in a variety of ways from The Biggest Loser’s new Comeback Canyon to the Chicago Bears winning their game against the San Francisco 49ers when the prognosticators believed that it was NEVER going to happen. I even saw an ad for Twinkies describing itself as a Sweet Comeback.

Okay, I get it.  A comeback (a new effort to win or succeed after being close to defeat or failure) is a good thing to think about if we are not where we want to be today. There is the possibility of a comeback at every turn – if you start and take even one babystep. Please remember that there are many people who are out there to help you – if you ask.

If you have a comeback story (or know someone who does), please let me know. There could be an opportunity to be interviewed.

Have a great day,

With Certainty

Something to ponder over the weekend: what do you know with certainty and how does this shape your life? Are you pleased with the outcomes?

Enjoy your weekend,

Riches of Challenges

I was chatting with a colleague this week and we were looking at people who have had an easy time in life (clearly a small percentage) and those who have experienced challenges (sometime major ones).

What we both had seen is that those who faced big obstacles, as long as they didn’t let that crush them, were able to live deeper and richer lives – in every sense of the word.

Something to think about.

Have a great day,

What Are you Saying Yes To?

The other day, a mentor/friend pointed out that we say yes to many things and not all of them are beneficial. My expression must have looked perplexed because my friend went on to share how we say yes with our actions – how we spend our time and with whom. This forms the basis and foundation of our lives.

So if you say yes to people who make you feel undervalued, depreciated, and unhappy, you may want to rethink your focus and choose individuals who truly value you. Not always easy, but if you at least have this top of mind you can make more conscious decisions.

Certainly made me think.

Have a great day,

In a Single Moment

I was talking to a friend who was really agitated about a family matter – something easy to happen. All she wanted to do was tell me why a family member was so awful. While I can find myself caught in a loop of negativity, in the end it really doesn’t help.

When she took a breath, I commented about the beautiful scarf she was wearing. Her expression changed and then so did the focus of her thoughts and our conversation.

A wise friend once told me that all big changes start in the moment with one tiny action that moves us toward the positive. A good practice to follow.

Have a great day,


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