From Pioneer to Star

I was chatting with a friend today, Cali Yost, who is the CEO and Founder of Flex+Strategy Group & Work+Life Fit Inc. While there is much talk about flexible work options today, Cali chose this career in the mid 1990’s when there were virtually no professionals in the field. My friend is truly a pioneer with a strong enough sense of self to carve a path for many others. Even though it’s tricky to be one of the first in a field, when you operate with courage, integrity, and excellence (as Cali does) you can ride out the obstacles (which can be considerable), stay on track, and become a star.

Thank you friend for being a positive example for many (including me).

Enjoy your weekend,

Begin and Win

I am preparing for a program that I am delivering on Saturday late afternoon. It’s called “Take Charge,” and while I have presented it before – not since we flipped the classroom and moved from a Powerpoint deck to Prezi.

I know the content well, yet the new format is different and I want to do a great job.

I decided to take on the mind of the beginner and seeing what I can learn. As I do, I am translating any insights into more fun for all and (I suspect) greater value for the students.

Restart as a beginner and expand your opportunities, possibilities, and worth.

Have a great day,

How to Connect

I had lunch today with a expert who powerfully teaches others how to tell the stories of people and products. While I learned a number of things, here are two of the most important ones:

First, the goal of the story is to help the other person make a decision (whether for or against your offering) and

Second, your primary objective is to be clear. Clarity trumps fancy words, complex theorems, and flowery images.

When you are clear and you are telling your story to the right person, you will often receive a “yes” to the job offer, deal, and even that special date.

Enjoy your day,

Expand for Success

The conference I attended on Friday was a real eye-opener. I was a bit in awe of the women who presented. Then, there was the opening session with an exercise of how I currently see myself and who I aspire to be.

The good news for me is that my aspirations have a solid foundation in my skills, knowledge, and experience. That said, I also learned that I was playing it safe and get to expand the scope, skills, and range of my work if I choose to.

Where are you ready to expand for your own success? When you do, the payoffs are aplenty.

Have a great day,