Don’t Let Them Tell You It Can’t Be Done

I was reading something this morning that reminded me that while I need to listen to sound guidance from trusted advisors, I shouldn’t let that deter me from my goals and dreams.

Average people will often let others know that something can’t be done. Yet, if people, like yourself, listened to the negative prognosticators – there will be no cell phone, airplanes, or even electricity.

So go for your big dreams and don’t let someone tell you that something is impossible. Only you know your capacity, talents, and drive.

Enjoy your day,

Step Up and Ask

There is something that I really want to do and have been working on it all summer. It’s fun for me and there are a lot of things that I don’t know and need help and advice from those more knowledgeable than me. Yet, I hesitated to ask. “Oh, the person is too busy.” “That friend might feel it would be an imposition.” My concerns went on and on.

When I paused and asked myself if I would want to help someone if the situations were reversed – I know that I do and absolutely would.

So I am asking – albeit slowing and with great appreciation.

Have a great day,

The Only Focus

I was chatting with a mentor recently and I asked him how he had created such a powerful brand for his company. He told me that it was all about focus. When he first launched his company, it did one thing and it actually took him six years before he started to really gain traction and consistent customers. He was tempted to switch gears when things didn’t work out when he hoped they would – but he refused to.

Yet his “secret to success” was to only have one focus, put everything into it, and then branch out from that foundation.

Good advice for you and me.

Have a great day,

Only One to Start

I was with a group of friends last evening and a discussion ensued on the state of society. While this could have been a very discouraging conversation, it was actually the opposite. “Really?” you may wonder. If I hadn’t been there, I would be asking the same question.

To be honest, there are no “hope for the best” attitude present. It was all about having the courage and confidence to believe that each of us can make a difference – starting where we are – and acting from that belief. I see this occurring in the most unlikely places with powerful and positive results.

What can and are you willing to do today, tomorrow, and for years to come?


Let’s Take One Tiny Step Together

Growing up, I was often told to go as far and as fast as I could.

What I didn’t learn until I after I received my MBA is that in challenging times, it’s often better to help everyone advance (even a little) than to have one person race ahead. With this approach, you can create unity among the members of your group, motivation to keep advancing, and an enhanced sense of confidence, increased capacity, and greater courage.

So today, help someone take one small step forward and the benefits to all parties could exceed what you can gain alone.

Have a great day,

Embracing Change Appreciatively

I have a hate love relationship with change. Intellectually, I understand the benefits of change, but once change in the offing, I am not thrilled by the idea. The really interesting part to me is once the change is implemented – the vast majority of the time, I fully embrace it and wonder why I was resistant in the first place. Then with the next change, my inner cycle starts again.

I began to wonder why I felt this way and how could I disrupt my process. I realized a few things that might be helpful to you as well:

  • Most people don’t like the idea of change that they haven’t initiated
  • Taking a step back and looking and at the potential benefits (while not ignoring the possible downside) can refocus one’s attention and create motivating excitement
  • Exploring ways to implement the change incrementally – or at the very least plan it through – can decrease the stress of the change

For me, it’s a process of experimenting and having tangible proof works best for me. What works for you?

Have a great day,