Do Expectations Lead to Success or Failure?

I was chatting with a colleague from Asia this morning and we were discussing how people either do or don’t build successful long-term relationships.

Much of it revolves around expectations. While we all have them, they can actually trip us up. When we have expectations of others, it’s likely that they won’t be completely meet them – which is okay if you don’t hold the gap against the other person. Yet if you do, you could derail the relationship and your own well-being.

So while it’s human to have expectations, please don’t let them drag you and your relationships down.

Have a great day,

Own it All

It’s super easy to own the good things that happen in our lives. For me (at least), much harder to embrace the challenging stuff. Yet, I have some to know that how I view what comes my way determines whether I am deterred by it or if I am excited and motivated to see what positive value I can create.

Just a thought,

Reverse the Worry Drain

I have noticed that many, many people are worried about something (me, too) – and the topic doesn’t even matter. That said, what’s the point? If we can do something about what is worrisome, then take even a small action. If you don’t have control over the thing that is troubling you, consider expending the energy on something more productive and fun.

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How to Have Multiple Mentors

I was talking to someone recently who believes that it’s hard to have a mentor in the old school sense of the word – a person who is there for you for a long time and as much as you want / need. I certainly agree. It’s tough and not even the best thing for you or the other person.

Another way to view the dilemma of having the right mentor is to diversify your risk (just like you do your investment portfolio). Instead of one, have multiple mentors. Some may guide for a moment and others for a life-time. Regardless of the length of the relationship, you (and the mentor) can both benefit.

Enjoy your week,

The Power Three

There are many things that can drain and discourage you – from the evening news to the latest internet rant. They can zap your power and leave you not pursuing your goals and dreams.

Yet there is an anecdote, and it is something over which you have control. That is: what you decide to put in your head and heart – and the people with whom you interact.

My suggestion is to choose wisely. When you do, you will increase the Power Three: Courage, Hope, and Resilience – and you will be able to pass these on to others.

Enjoy your weekend,

Success Signals

Success is a funny thing. It sends signals. If you chase it, it will run away. If you envy and/or disparage another person’s success, yours could easily disappear.

So what is a person to do? I would recommend a couple of things:

  • Treat others’ with respect and celebrate their successes (even when it is challenging to do so)
  • Know what you want, take appropriate action, and remember that stress and excitement feel much the same way in your body – so go focus on being excited.