Could Curiosity Help You Get Unstuck

Have you ever found yourself facing the same challenge again and again? It can get a bit tricky when the people, circumstances, and geographies are different, but at the core, the problem is the SAME.

So what is a person to do?

A while back, I found myself in a situation where I thought. “What this again?!?” It wasn’t anything monumental, but it didn’t make me feel good about myself and I wondered if I could ever change things once and for all.

So, I paused, got quiet, and used my innate sense of questioning. When I started to look at the situation with less judgement of myself and more of the curiosity of an biased beginner, things changed in positive ways that I couldn’t have predicted.

Something to noodle on.

Have a great day,

When Overwhelm Begins to Creep In

Life can be good and it can also feel like there are more demands and more to do than seems possible. One of my mentors once told me that at times like that, she needs to anchor whatever she is doing to a purpose or cause bigger than herself. When she does that, she is able to accomplish even more and instead of feeling overwhelmed she becomes inspired with increased confidence, courage, and capacity.

I actually experimented with this approach and she was absolutely right.

Thanks so much, my friend.

Test the idea for yourself and report back.

Have a great day,

Unfair or Your Greatest Gift?

I met with someone today whom I really admire because of who she is as a human being. Let me set the stage a bit to give you a sense of her last year or so. Here what unfolded: a close relative passed away; her husband became quite seriously ill; she became responsible for two quite elderly relatives, and she lost her job. Most people would have been crushed by the weight of this. While she was stretched to her limit, she did not break.

So let me bring you up to the present: her husband is getting better, her two elderly relatives are stable, and she is in the midst of a really wonderful consulting opportunity. All of these things are good, but the best is how she attributes her success and growth as a leader to all of the challenges that piled on her – one after the other.

What seemed like lots of unfair circumstances has turned how to be her greatest gift. A hard thing to perceive and, if you can, contains so much value.


Who Succeeds and Who Does Not?

I was chatting with some friends this week about individuals who succeed vs. those who don’t. It is usually not an issue of talent, knowledge, or even resources. So what is it you may wonder? From our discussion and research I have been conducting – it boils down to two things.

First, when you face a challenge do you blame others (or even yourself)? Or, do you step back, pause, and start solving the problem at hand?

Second, and most people don’t get to this place (hence the reason why so few people hit the upper levels of success) – you are grateful for the tough situation in front of you? “Seriously?!?” you may think. What I can tell you from firsthand experience, once you can see the value in the challenge you will soar higher than you can imagine.

Something to ponder.

Have a great day,

When Great Ideas Slow Success

I saw it coming and I knew that it was going to slow me down, not accelerate my growth. The “it” is a new good (even great idea). This kernel of a concept bubbled into my brain almost like an ear worm when you hear a song that you can’t get out of your head.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coming up with new ideas – especially those that can take an existing product, program, or the like  and make it even better. It’s just when a new idea becomes a source of doubt, second guessing myself, and making a current project look unfun and unattractive that the cool concept becomes a brake instead of an accelerator.

So, if you are like me and your ideas abound, chose the ones that can help you now and use them. For the ones could distract you, write them down and hold them for another day.

Have a great day,

The Success Power Combo: Knowing Why and How

Many people start goals, yet fewer complete them and live their dreams.

So what can get you over the finish line?

Clearly there are many factors, but I would like to focus on two today. I call them the Success Combo of Why and How.

  • “Why” gives you the sense of commitment, purpose, and motivation to continue moving ahead when you face challenges, obstacles, and the like. Digging into the why is worth the time, the effort, and making a priority. Simon Simek, believes everything starts with why and has one of the all-time most watched TED talk on the subject. Listen and learn.
  • How” is the second and complementary factor for success. While why is foundational, adding how to the mix will increase your chances of achieving your goal. Someone I met recently told me that when you are building out your plan / approach for accomplishing your goal, you need to ask yourself how 7-10 times to get to the tactics. I would add – with all of the “hows” keep an open mind as things unfold.

So, mobilize this success power combo – today and for years to come.

Have a great day,