Advancing Success – NOW

It’s not at all uncommon to want to move faster and achieve a key goal today. Yet if your pace is not keeping up with your aspirations, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you asking too much of yourself and others?
  2. Are you sitting on the edge of change instead of stretching beyond what’s comfortable?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, what tiny action can you take to inch your way forward? Even moving an inch will get you closer to your goal.

Good luck!

Enjoy your weekend,

Where to Start?

This is a big question for many people. They have a goal, dream, or aspiration, know why they want to accomplish this, and have great passion around it. However, they don’t take action. It’s clearly not a lack of desire, much more not knowing where to start and/or not feeling comfortable proceeding.

I saw this obstacle blocking a friend’s success (and happiness). He set mini-goals and continually failed to achieve them – creating disappointment, frustration, and a chipping away of his confidence. When we chatted, it was clear to both of us that those mini-goals weren’t small enough. So he regrouped and decided to start with an action that could be completed in less than an hour.  When he did so, that start gave him more confidence, drive, and an expanded sense of competence.

Have a great day,

Is Your Solution the Only One?

I was faced with a dilemma a couple of weeks ago when I was told in uncertain terms that my thoughts about something were just plain wrong.

In a work setting, there is usually a middle ground with many voices / opinions taken into account. It gets a little trickier with friends and family where the relationships are deep, long existing, and complicated.

My immediate reaction was that I wanted to be RIGHT, yet that isn’t a place from where dialogue can flourish. So, I took a step back and listened – being open to accepting new points of view about the subject. In some ways I was able to do this and in other ways not (I am a work in process just like everyone else). In the end, I could see both sides and knew where I needed to solidify what I already believed to be true and incorporate a broader perspective.

One thing I learned for sure: when I see only one perspective and solution, I need to pause, open my mind, and listen with my full attention to what I might need to learn.

Have a great day,

Are You Expecting Too Little or Too Much?

Expectations are an interesting thing: on the one hand, we need them or we wouldn’t get anywhere. On the other hand, if we expect too much too soon and/or from the wrong person, we could be seriously disappointed.

So what is a person to do? I spoke to a friend who faced this dilemma and here’s what he did:

  • First, he did his homework and made sure that he was asking someone who actually had the information and resources to help him
  • Second, he looked for ways to give before asking for anything
  • Third, he made the “asks” appropriately sized for the length and depth of the relationship
  • Finally, he acknowledged the people who assisted him for whatever they gave him (even if it wasn’t all that he wanted).

My friend found that taking this approach enabled him to zero in on the people who wanted to support his efforts, had the time and attention to do so, and gained something from the relationship as well. The results have been really good and my friend has healthy expectations and an appreciative mindset.


Creating a Powerful Portfolio of Goals

Most people who have investments, diversify their portfolio with high, medium, and low risk stocks, bond, and more.

Yet it is rare to meet with someone who thinks about goals the same way – having a portfolio of high risk (big, audacious, and seemingly “impossible” ones), medium risk (which are achievable with effort, resources, and relationships) and low risk (where you could even complete some this week).

Blending high, medium, and low risk goals will keep you motivated, mobilized, and moving ahead with accelerated momentum.

Have a great day,

Rocket Man Meets Captain America

Seven of us helped an extraordinary friend celebrate his U.S. citizenship last evening. My friend is a global tech executive with a big heart. As a very little boy, he saw an astronaut walk on the moon and he wanted to work for the company that helped them communicate with earth. So this led to a multi-decade career at Motorola in North and South America and all over Asia.

Yet his big dream was to fulfill his grandfather’s dream, from almost a century ago, which he did on Tuesday when he became U.S. citizen. When Rocket Man meets Captain America, you have one amazing person and his name is Adrian.

Congrats, friend!