Find the Treasures Within the Junk

I have a friend who is masterful at going to resale shops and finding amazing things. While I see piles and piles of some really yucky looking stuff, she zeros in items that are really the best of the best.

While her approach works on clothing, jewelry, and leather goods, it’s even more powerful when looking at people. Each person has something truly incredible, although it can be (REALLY) hidden. The “fun” thing is in locating the gem in each person. When you do, the other person feels valued, you could develop a new friend, and who knows the wonderful things you could create together!

Have a great day,

Just One More Step

It’s a funny thing about achieving goals. The difference between success and failure starts with one step – that is either taken or not.

If you take just one more step, there is the possibility that you could accomplish something important to you. That one step (no matter how big or small) is extraordinarily powerful because it is a source of courage, confidence, and momentum.

So the next time you think about stopping, pause long enough to see if one more step is in order for your success and happiness,

Enjoy your day,

To Achieve Your Goals Faster

What does it take to achieve a goal? Well, lots of things – from making the goal clear and concrete to actually taking a bunch of progressive babysteps?

So why doesn’t everyone take the steps to zoom through their goals? For me, personally, I stall out when I lack encouragement. Think of encouragement as someone or something that inspires courage (this is actually what the word means). I, and many others, just need a bit of a boost on the courage side and the action, momentum, and results are easier to create.

So if you need a little encouragement, find it. An even better idea: give encouragement to another person. Then you both get the boost.

Enjoy your day,

When Smaller is Better for Success

I hear this again and again – “Go big or go home.” Unfortunately, most people choose too big and give up.

What if you approach your goals and the actions you will take a bit differently? Experiment. Go small. Do what you can absolutely today – given your skills, experience, and time.

If small is still too big. Keep going smaller.

In the end, going small will actually help you go BIG.


When Being Right is Wrong

I was listening to a program recently and the speaker talked about how being right can actually be a bad thing. My first reaction was “how could that be”? In a world where having the right idea, approach, or solution can lead to greater levels of success – it seemed the speaker made a mistake. That said, I realized if I stopped listened I might fall into the “needing to be right” trap.

So I listened (actually carefully) to the speaker. What he said, made a lot of sense to me.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Advice based on what you believe is right, even if well-intentioned, can derail a conversation and a whole relationship.
  • While being right may make you feel superior, at its core are arrogance and insecurity.
  • Be open to having your mind changed, not out of backing away – but out of incorporating new knowledge that could be useful.

The speaker left me with even more to contemplate – perhaps your mind will be led to deeper thinking on this topic, too.

Enjoy your day,

Dizzying Options to Success

I was chatting with a friend of a friend this morning who is just starting her career. She is talented and has the whole world open to her. Yet, she is a bit stuck. While everyone has challenges, her biggest one is so many options. I completely understand. Selecting one thing over another can feel scary, daunting, and even risky. Yet once you choose, you can take action, complete the tasks at hand, and then move on to the next goal on your list.

I write this today, so I can read and apply this to my own life.

Enjoy the day,

Courageous Success

What is the best metric of success? The answer to this question is as varied as individuals’ personal definitions of success which can be based on money, love, and many other things.

That said, one of my mentors once told me that success measured by the level of courage, growth, and advancement required to accomplish whatever the goal – is really the big time. Also, if you have you have an encouraging story to inspire other (especially if you “battled” a few challenge) – even better.

Have a great day,