What’s Right in Front of You

I was with a group of friends recently. There was a lot of complaining about the state of the world, how big the problems are, and the impossible nature change. As I was about to get sucked into this vortex of negativity, I made myself pause and say a few things. “Guys,” I said. “Could we go down a different track? My mentor says this again and again, ‘Who is right in front of you? Help that person!’ This might not seem like a big deal, it is. Start with one and go from there.”

While there might have been some eye rolls, I felt better – and it was a reminder to me that when I feel I can’t make a difference, it’s just not true. See the person in front of you and smile and wave, say thank you, or go out for coffee and listen more than you speak.

Enjoy the day,


Super Success Strategies

Over the years, I have read my fair share of books, articles, and more on how to succeed – with each expert talking about how “perfect” his or her approach is. Yet, whenever I didn’t achieve my goals and dreams employing a particular strategy, I viewed this as a failing on my part. Not an encouraging way to view the world.

Then, several years ago, I decided that the criteria for a super success strategy for me was: did it work for me? Was I inspired by the outcomes? Could I keep it up?

While I took responsibility for my actions and the outcomes, I decided that no one approach was right for everyone. If something didn’t work for me, it wasn’t my failure or weakness. Instead, I customized the approach  with much greater positive results.

Have a great day,

Self-Generated Motivation

It’s a funny thing about motivation, you don’t often notice how motivated you are until your motivation goes down or even stops.

So how can you prevent these lapses in forward motion? It’s simple, even if not easy:

  • Know why you want to achieve a specific goal. Pile on the reasons now as you will likely need them later.
  • Take actions that are big enough to be interesting and absolutely doable regardless of your time, energy, and commitments.
  • Count everything you start, complete, and take off your plate as a win.

With this as a solid beginning, you can start and keep your momentum going. Then your motivation is self-generating and self-sustaining.

Have a great day,

Handwritten Happiness

I will admit that I was not the best thank you note writer as a child. It was a bit of a tussle to get me to put my words of appreciation onto cards, put the cards into envelopes, and address them.

Yet that all flipped a number of years ago when I read a chapter in a book on writing that celebrating note writing. This actually changed my life forever – for the better.

From that point forward, I started writing cards, letters, and postcards – more than a thousand every year. I love, love, love to write them. My spirits rise, I feel more connected, and my confidence soars. What’s even better is that my appreciative feelings are felt by the receiver of my notes. They tell me in person, by phone, and in email.

It’s a small thing and the positive ripples are wonderful and far reaching.

Write! Bet you can’t send just one.

Have a great day,

If Your Goals Aren’t Happening . . .Yet!

I was on vacation in August and met someone over dinner on the train from Washington, DC. She is an activate flight attendant, with a major airline, and has been for 45 years. Quite the accomplishment!

That said, she had been trying to lose a few pounds for a number of years and hadn’t been able to achieve that goal. I shared a little about an approach with her I use when my goals stall out that doesn’t require or even welcome willpower over time. She looked a bit skeptical, but open.

I suggested that she start with a tiny action that is impossible not to accomplish.

As she was nodding in agreement, the server brought her two small bottles of wine. She eyed them sheepishly and said, “Okay, I can start taking one of your babysteps tomorrow to help me with my goal.”

“Or,” I suggested. “Why not leave one sip of wine in one of the bottles – that’s a step in the right direction.”

That’s just what she did. She took one action that was impossible to not to do. Completing any task, even teeny tiny ones, makes your brain release feel good chemicals – a wonderful incentive to take the next babystep and so on and so on.

Please experiment and report back.


Have an Undefeated Heart

I was thinking about the difference between people who succeed and those who do not.

While there are many factors, I believe one of the biggest is whether or not you give up.

I have seen people who have everything going for them and when one thing doesn’t go their way, they quit. On the other hand, I meet individuals who face obstacle after obstacle – and have every “reason” to give up and don’t. Instead, they create victory in the end. Success starts and ends in their heart.

Make YOUR heart undefeatable.

Have a great day,