Reverse the Ultimate Success Drain

It’s really funny about certain (not so good) habits. They can seem innocuous on the surface and yet can stall out our success, joy, and happiness. A big one is complaining. I never thought about the super seriousness of the consequences of complaining until I heard a friend, Barbara, speak recently. She actually pointed out that complaining (among other things) is a form of passive violence. Whoa!

While this was rather startling, there was a really positive side as well. Barbara talked about how when we diminish passive forms of violence, the implications are powerful for each of us, our families, our schools, our communities and the world.

So if you banish complaining – beginning right NOW, you stop draining your success, happiness, and much more.


Powerful Growth at Any Age

I have a newish friend who moved to Chicago a couple of years ago to start her second doctorate. At the time, this woman was in her late 60’s. She is well on her way to achieving that goal.

Oh wait, there’s more. She became a driving force and presenter for a global education conference in Africa. Recently, she applied for and got into a language intensive in Japan.

By the way, she is a person of modest means and all along the way find to find the monies to fund her career “adventures”.

My friend is a shining example of how important stretch goals are regardless of your age and how to not let longevity, money, or anything else stand in your way. I think that it helps a bunch that her purpose for doing all of this is to help others.

So what’s your next stretch goal?

Thank you, friend.

Have a great day,

The Fuel in Challenge

It’s an interesting thing about challenge. It can be the source of tremendous angst or the inspiration to help you achieve your big dreams.

So what creates the difference? A wise friend once told me the variation is not in the circumstances, but in the perspective you bring to it.

Consider this. Do you see the potential negative consequences of things not going the way you hoped and planned? Or, are you even a little intrigued, excited, and hopeful.  In the first situation you will be crushed by situation. In the second, you will crush the circumstances and win.

The choice is in your hands.

Enjoy your day,

Advance or You Are Retreating

My mentor has told me again and again “advance or you are retreating”. He believes that this is true in organizations and individuals.

That said, if you get lost in the daily grind of work and life – it can be easy to miss opportunities to progress (even a little). So each day, pause for a moment and ask yourself what action you can take to move ahead even a teeny bit.

Advance now and tomorrow and then the day after that.

Have a great day,

Success = A Unified Purpose

I was working with someone yesterday who is not getting the traction that he wants – and he is a talented, competent, and engaging person. As we talked, it became clear to me that he doesn’t have a solid direction. As a result, he sets a new goals nearly every week and his progress is fleeting at best.

In the end, he agreed to take a step back and explore the thread, theme, and why of his ambition. With this understanding, we are both confident he will accelerate his growth, advancement, and success.

So if you aren’t making the progress you would really like, what action can you take today to begin to build your unifying purpose?


Stumbling Forward

I have a tendency to want to perfect a new skill before I use it. While this can be viewed as an admirable quality, it is also rather restrictive. This approach clearly can limit advancement. So lately, I have been testing my new skills before I would give them an A+. What I have learned is that even if I need to refine and polish these skills, if I don’t test them out I will never receive the essential feedback to make them great.


Neutralizing Your Achilles Heel

I find it fascinating how easy is it to be swayed by people and circumstances – those seemingly negative things we experience. When it happens to me (and those around me), it is not a big surprise.

What I didn’t really pay attention to until a few years ago is how distracting a win, success, or victory can be. It’s actually part of the “one hit wonder” phenomenon. What’s so important is that as you have a success, you (of course) celebrate and then plan your next goal. Otherwise, the headiness of the win could make you complacent and when you don’t continue to advance, you are retreating.

Pay attention to any discouraging challenges or impasses AND the things that might make you pause too long. Both can sway you – don’t let them.

Have a great day,