Clear Out Your Mental Gunk

Recently, I was struggling to make time to complete a personal project that is important to me. When I shared this dilemma with a close friend, she told me I needed to do a bit of gunk cleaning. Now she didn’t mean cleaning out my junk drawer (which also isn’t a bad idea), my friend was referring to the mental gunk (i.e. negativity) that was sucking my energy and diverting time that could be used for my project.

Just like most people, clearing gunk is a work in progress. My babystep is noticing when gunk surfaces and I cleaning it out fast.

Thanks so much for reading this,

Make More “Mistakes”

I was working with someone recently who was having a very hard time at work. She was paralyzed with fear and so not doing a great job in her role. Work has become a vicious cycle of fear, procrastination, not providing high quality deliverables, critical feedback, and more fear.

When we spoke, this individual decided to chat with her manager and explain the situation before it was too late and she lost her job. The outcome was surprising to her and very positive. Her manager wants this woman to stretch herself to the point where she makes a mistake here and there (in lower risk environments) so she can expand her courage, confidence, and capacity.

So where can you make “safe mistakes” to stretch yourself?


Gratitude is the Secret Sauce of Success

As I think back to this day (2.16), many years ago, when I was crushed by an elevator, my life was a struggle until I was able to feel gratitude. While is was far from easy, without it, I would be living in that loss instead of creating an even better life.

Thank you for all who helped me see what was possible.


Success Engagement

If you are like me, you find something you want to learn about and dive deeply into finding the person who can help you. My enthusiasm can take over and I need to remind myself that the person is an actual human being – way more than just a conduit to the resources and information I want and need.

When you authentically demonstrate that you value the other person – with care, respect, and appreciation – your opportunities can expand exponentially and you will feel wonderful in the process.

Have a great day,


Side by Side Success

There are partners of all kinds who are so enamored with each other they “forget” to question, challenge, and drive each other to greater levels of advancement. If this sounds like you, consider another approach: walk side by side with your associate. Then you can advance independently together.

Think about it.


The Enthusiasm / Success Quotient

Several years ago, I was chatting with a woman I really respect. She had been in her field for a long time and yet her level of enthusiasm was just like she had started yesterday. I was curious how she maintained a high level of enthusiasm, why she kept learning, and how her commitment to her field was higher than when I first met her years before.

Her answer was simple. “Anita,” she told me. “I know that I need to be all in or I would cheating myself and the people with whom I work – and I use my curiosity as my foundation. With that, I am learning new things and am able to help others.”

To my friend, success was about caring about others and her work, finding things to expand her capacity, insights, and value to others, and to make what could seem old hat and boring come alive day after day. I learned a lot from my friend on that day which I use to even now.

Thanks, Barb.


Make the Most Out of Your Golden Opportunities

I was working with two people recently who have very similar backgrounds and experience, yet very different results. The other interesting factor is that they have access to many of the same people.

So what is the difference? The one who does well attributes it to luck and the person who had less than stellar results believes that most people are selfish and lack generosity. I would suggest that they neither is actually accurate.

While luck and selfish people may come into play, I see two other factors that have an even stronger impact. They are preparation and (most important) total focus on the other person. When we want someone to help us, that individual needs to be able to trust us and feel valued. If you start there, your results and “luck” will grow.

Have a good day,