Are You in the Right Place?

When things aren’t going according to plan, it’s easy to ask yourself, “”Am I in the wrong place? Perhaps a different, role, company, or relationship would make me happier.” In fact, this is what most people do.

Yet this approach would be backwards. The starting point really needs to be within your own heart as you are the common thread. How can you change any negativity from within yourself which will alter how you interact with others?

In the end, the appropriate action may be to stay or it may be to move on. Yet this time, you can make a decision based your wisdom instead of a quick escape plan.

Have a great day,

Trust Behavior

Some people are really good at getting their points across with powerful words, great enthusiasm, and even big smiles. While this is great, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Even more important is a person’s behavior – over time and especially when no one is watching.

Trust a person’s actions more than their words. The best of all words is that their heart and mind play out in both words and actions.


Just Start

I was agonizing (okay, maybe a bit of an overstatement) about a project I want to complete. I think and think and think some more about what needs to get done, what help I need, and how scary it all appears. Now this may make me seem like a spineless jellyfish, but those of you who know me understand that this is not true – yet it feels this way.

Do what do I do to break this deadlock? Really two things. First, I meditate to focus and bring forth wisdom from within (we all have at least a little.) Second, I use these insights to take action. Not massively large steps. Any size step will do. It’s just a matter of starting. Once I do, then I can keep what works and tweak what doesn’t.

As an update, while I haven’t found a coder yet, I did create an account to post the project for some very capable undergrads in computer science. One staring step followed by another.

Just start. Now is a good time.

Have a great day,

Get Your Movement Started

What do you care most about? Why it is important to you? What if you start a movement around this?

Not I’m not suggesting something massive (although if that’s your dream, go for it). I encourage you to stand up for something you believe in and take one action to mobilize even a few like-minded friends to advance your cause.

For me, I want people to feel valued. So, I send handwritten notes and it’s great when others do the same.

Choose something that works for you and is meaningful.

Don’t wait. Start today.

Have a great day,

The Success Block You Can’t Afford

If you aren’t achieving your goals, what could be the problem? While the source of your stalling out could be a variety of things, the one I see most prevalent today is resentment.

Now this doesn’t have to be gigantic grudges. Actually those are the easy to identify and correct since they are so obvious to you and those around you. The resentment that does the most damage to you, you life, and even your finances are the small, subtle forms that creep in as tiny negative comments about another person (or even many people) – especially behind the person’s back.

Instead of letting this nasty talk prevail, make yourself find at least one thing you value about the person and change complaint into appreciation. As corny as this may sound, I can almost guarantee that you will feel better and prospects in your career and life will grow.

Experiment and see for yourself.


The Winding Road to Success

The is a street in San Francisco – Lombard Street – that is a wonderful representation of success. It had sharp turns that you need to be prepared for – which could either help you accelerate or crash. So you need to keep your head about you and not be swayed by rapid progress or even a setback.

All in all, the ride is scary, fun, and exhilarating – both the one on Lombard Street and the one that is your life.

Have a great day,

Fall Faster

Do you ever worry so much that you are going to falter that you play it safe which turns out to not be in your best interest?

I have been reading a lot about design thinking where the belief is to fail as fast as you can, so you can fix whatever doesn’t work now rather than later when the stakes are high.

So think of something you are working on where you are a bit timid and tentative. Be bold in a low risk environment. Keep what works. Modify what doesn’t. Then get going again.

Much success,