Are You an Everyday Edison?

I was flipping channels and was delighted to see that “Everyday Edisons” on in 30 minutes, so I set the timer. I am a nerd/geek in my mind and heart and I fully admit it. So for me, Everyday Edisons is an exhilarating program. When I watched the show, I learned about really cool (yet simple) inventions – from Michael Diep’s cat jungle gym that also files a cat’s nails to Aaron Tang’s feisty alarm clock. Perhaps you have a good idea that the world needs, considering attending a casting call. In the meantime, visit Edison Nation, a community Web site dedicated to idea people. Edison Nation holds monthly Live Product Searches that allow you to submit your ideas online. The world is waiting for your idea to make a bunch of lives better!


Call Me Pollyanna

Some days the benefits of life feel like they are buried and not visible to me. I could blame these positive things in life for not making it easy for me to find them. Or I could put on my glasses – not the ones I wear everyday to see near and far – but my special “encouragizer” ones. Just thinking about this makes me smile which takes me one step closer to having a happy, productive, and successful day.

These encouragizer glasses orient me to see the gains, value, and fun in life. While the sky could still be gray and gloomy (as it is today in Chicago,) my heart doesn’t have to follow suit. I can clearly see that it’s not 20 below zero, the bus came on time, and I have a terrific job.

Some may call me Pollyanna, but what’s wrong with that. She would play this kind of Glad Game with herself and all of the people with whom she would interact. With her Glad Game, my encouragizer glasses, and whatever you do to shift you perspective toward the positive, flipside, and appreciative, we can all make our world a teeny bit better.

Sounds like a good start to any day.