It Only Takes One

It only takes one person to change your life, you. Ruth Casey

So let’s get started with one small step?

Acknowledge your progress. Instead of focusing on how far you have to go, praise yourself for how far you’ve come. Plants, animals, children, and all living things thrive on praise. Try some of it on yourself and watch it work miracles.

Have a great weekend. Back on Tuesday.


Are Your “Studies” Leading to Success or Failure?

A Chinese Proverb says, “Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere.”

So think about this . . .

Explore what you want to be in life. Instead of learning about diseases you might get, possible financial setbacks, or the ins and outs of a “successful” divorce – focus on wellness, creating wealth, and building loving and supportive relationships. Study the best of life and polish your character – since you take yourself with you wherever you go.


Are You a “Problem” Fan?

Ever notice how a problem that seems like the end of the world one day skips your mind the next? What grabs your attention is often what’s seems to be threatening your ego. In the process, your problem du jour could zap your energy, motivation, and focus. Why let it. Instead, strike a balance of paying attention to your “challenges” while not allowing yourself to be swayed by them.

Have a terrific Wednesday,

“Someday” is Now

My Uncle Murray once told me, “Anita, ‘Someday’ is not a day of the week. If you want to accomplish your goals and dreams, why not start right now.” Obvious advice, perhaps – yet useful and practical nonetheless, and I took his advice to heart. To my surprise, my process and happiness accelerated.

So as you go through your day, think about this . . .

Take 5 minutes today to do something you wanted to do, but haven’t made the time.  Write a note to re-connect to a friend or colleague.  Register for a class.  Start your journal.  Take a five-minute “mini-walk.”  Make an appointment to have a career makeover.  Smile. Whatever you choose to do – remember, “Someday” is now.

Wishing you successful and meaningful action,

What is the Difference Between Impossible and Possible?

I hang out with a group of people who consistently aspire to make the impossible possible. It’s really exciting to choose something that you and others deem “impossible” and put it on your to-do list. Then reality sets in and many (including me at times) blink, get scared, and give up – turning that potentially impossible dream into a mere fantasy. Fantasies don’t demand action; they are just pretty to look at. Consequently, steps are not taken, progress is not made, and completion never happens.

Yet some of my friends (and me, too) do make the impossible possible. From what I have experienced the process goes something like this:

  1. Dream.
  2. Write down your “impossible” goal.
  3. Take some action.
  4. Make a commitment to advance toward your goal and expand your capacity.
  5. Get scared. Give up.
  6. Ask for help. Read stories of people who have achieved your aspirations.
  7. Express appreciation to anyone and everyone who helped you.
  8. Recommit.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 until you achieve your “impossible” goal.
  10. Celebrate and set the next “impossible” goal.

I encourage you to set a goal that you really care about and check out the process above. You could become a shining example of how to turn the impossible into victory.

Have a terrific week,


What Limits?

I just got off the phone with a student from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He had just landed an offer for a job about which he is totally thrilled and we talked about how to best manage the transition. The astonishing thing was that he had interviewed for an internship and the company liked him so much that gave him a full-time job (usually offered only to individuals about to graduate with their MBAs.)

“My friends wanted to know how I pulled that off,” he said laughing. “There was no trick. I just used all of the tools available to me and went for it full out – no limits.”

So where might you have limits today? Mobilize your resources and do your very best. Who knows – your limits might just evaporate.

Have a great weekend.

What is Your Life Worth – Really?

While I am not a “quant” or numbers genius, I do have a connection to models, formulas, and the like. So early in my life, I created a way for me to value myself. The old equation and “test” went something like this:

100 percent minus my perceived faults equals my “Real” Value.

That’s how I looked at the world. I would observe myself, search for flaws, and give myself a score of less than 100 percent. Less than whole. Virtually everyone has something he or she would like to improve and I was (and am) no exception. The problem was that I ended up feeling not quite good enough and using a “test” that made feeling complete impossible.

So one day I decided to scrap the “minus” equation and create a “plus” one. The new equation and “test” are:

100 percent plus perceived strengths, skills, talents, etc. equals your Real Value.

There are many good things about this new model:

1. Even if you take the test on a day you don’t add anything, you’re still 100 percent.
2. The more you are willing to perceive your good stuff, the greater your value.
3. There is no cap, ceiling, or maximum value.

I must admit that there are days when my “score” barely goes above 100 percent. On those days, I remind myself that 100 percent is enough. As I do that, I often “remember” good things about myself that I immediately add those to my equation.

If you decide to use one of my equations, I recommend the plus approach.

So which of your strengths are you willing to recognize today? Add them in and celebrate!

Have a valued day,

Your Secret Success Partner

The mind longs for certainty. Julian Barnes

Reach inside and you’ll see an ability you never dreamed you had. You’ll find an ingenious success partner. Begin by listening to yourself. What is your inner self really saying? Replace doubts with positive attitudes. Substitute out-of-control worries with the reality of your situation. If you lack trust, find something you know to be true and use that as your foundation. Start today to become a supportive partner to you. Then you have the capacity to do this for others!


Batter Up!

In baseball, when the batter is announced and moves from the on deck circle to home plate, everybody knows that he or she is ready to bat. I’ve never seen or heard of a batter walk off the field because the task at hand was inconvenient or he didn’t feel like doing it right then.

For most of us, doing something now or later doesn’t make much difference, but what if it did? How would you act and how would your life be better?

Think of one small thing that you’ve been putting off and do it.

It’s your turn . . . Batter Up!


The Need for Greed

Okay, don’t be shocked. I am NOT promoting grabbing everything in sight to fill an uncontrollable urge. What I am suggesting is that you make sure that you count yourself in the list of people worth devoting time, energy, and other resources to.

One of my friends, Anne Marie, strongly believes that you need to be greedy for your own happiness because otherwise, you will likely never commit to your goals, dreams, and aspirations. In many ways, your personal success and happiness is a prerequisite for helping anyone win in life.

So today, be sure to spend time on your own happiness. Then you will have the energy, reserves, and credibility to inspire someone else to do the same.

Have a wonderful Monday,