Is Procrastination Derailing Your Dreams?

Do you procrastinate? I hate to admit it, but sometimes I do. I was recently studying with a well-known expert on cognition and he suggested that most procrastination is really fear. Fear of failure, looking stupid, or a whole variety of things. So the next time you are putting off something that you really want to do, see what you might be afraid of. When you do you will open up of a pathway to great confidence, momentum, and accomplishment.

Have a great Wednesday,


Your Best or Your Worst?

“You can share your best or you can share your worst, just consider one thing – what will your life be like when you do.”

So think about this . . .

Treating others with dignity and respect is a privilege, not a hardship. It’s your birthright at a human being to give and receive attention, compassion, and love. And not just when others will notice and tell you what a great person you are. Do it anywhere, anytime. Today, share the best of yourself with someone.

Have a “best” week,

The “Right” Job

Do you believe that there is a “right” job or career for you and the only thing standing between and vocational nirvana is locating it? There is usually more than one path that will meet your economic and psychological needs. So take off the pressure to find the perfect fit and you could just discover a job that works for you right where you are. 

Have a wonderful weekend and happy birthday, Naomi!

It All Adds Up

A Proverb says, “From small beginnings come great things.”

So think about this . . .

Love to get to the great things, but think small actions won’t help? They will. Do an experiment. Write down one goal you that are determined to achieve. Choose actions you can absolutely do for the next 30 days. At the end of the month, count up your successes and celebrate.

Have a great Thursday,

Want to Accelerate Your Success? Join a “World Cup” Glad Game.

I was emailing with a colleague the other night about an upcoming event at Chicago Booth. “It crazy that of the two of us, I am the glass half-full one,” she said. She was referring to my Is a “Glass Half-Empty” Perspective Derailing Your Success and Happiness? Blog post. 

Her self-deprecating comment made me think. 

Now my colleague doesn’t seem like glass half-empty person to me at all. She’s kind, compassionate, and an overall excellent Encouragizer. I remember when the job market tanked in 2008-2009 and job postings were way down, she led us in a “find the job postings” campaign. We even had one of those big poster size thermometers. Every week, she painted the thermometer red to show how much we had accomplished. When we made our goal, there we shoutouts and woohoos all around. Her commitment, leadership, and positive perspective were true, genuine, and authentic and really made an impression on me. 

So here’s a question to think about: Are my colleague and I glass half empty people or do we (and many others – perhaps even you) need to take a step back, make a minor shift of perspective, and see how much positive value we bring?  I am going to try this and suggest that you do this, too. 

I have an idea – let’s start a “World Cup Glad Game.”


Would Someone Else “Want” Your Life?

When others look at how you live your life, what do you inspire?

Are you a living example of what it looks like to be overstressed, underappreciated, inconsistent, and even nasty? Are you the picture of what not to do to have a wonderful life?

Or, do others want to be like you – both in terms of how your life looks on the outside and the happiness and peace of mind that radiates from your soul? Do your commitment, wisdom, and respect for yourself and others make you the poster child for “the good life?”

While not everyone wants to be viewed as a role model, each of us does influence (positively or negatively) the people we are in contact with at home, work, school, and in our communities.

So what kind of influence do you choose to be and how can begin right now to make this a reality?

Have a wonderful day,