Are You Craving Credit?

Do you ever do things for your work, family, or friends and then feel anxious about getting your fair share of acknowledgment? I hate to admit this, but I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no interest taking your recognition, I just want mine.

I have come to realize that my “craving credit” stems from my lack of faith and appreciation of my skills, talents, and capabilities. As I have come to see the vast resources I have access to from my friends, family, and colleagues, as well as within myself, I seek less to claim my recognition and more to help others see their own greatness. In the end, the appreciation I actively sought flows back to me naturally, abundantly, and nearly effortlessly.

Interesting paradox.

So today, instead of jockeying for position, focus on doing your best without expecting anything in return – and notice what happens.

Have a great weekend,


Focus Your Connections for Success

Take a look at your schedule and examine all of the contacts you have in a given week. What would happen if you simplified your life by cutting back those numbers by 15%? Do it as an experiment. Those who have report feeling happier and more committed to the people they choose to see and activities they decide to continue.

Happy Thursday,

Open Hands, Open Heart = ?

A German Proverb states, “God gives, but man opens his hand.”

Whatever your faith or philosophical beliefs, your openness will yield guidance. This “assistance” can come from family, co-workers, or even specific challenges you face – when you are available to receive it. Be open and notice what “instruction” you’re offered. Decide what you are willing to follow. Then observe what happens.


Do the Good Times 110%

As you taste the richness of a triple chocolate fudge brownie with mocha chip ice cream on top, enjoy it 110%. If thoughts and feelings of “I really shouldn’t” creep into your consciousness, say NO! Live in total joy in the moment. Relish each and every morsel with the delight of a three year old. Make it a “Good Time” to savor the moment with your whole being – each and every sense. Make this true with every experience and you will build a wonderful life.

Happy Tuesday,

What if Winning is Everything?

This morning, I was thinking about a friend who loves to be behind the scenes. She’s great at it and, theoretically, that could be the perfect place for her. Yet being in the tech booth was not a win for her; it was a place to hide and not be seen by others.

So earlier this year, she made the commitment to play Korean drums in a culture festival for thousands. She is not a trained musician, but she made the determination to create a victory in an area of her life that would cause her to expand her courage, tenacity, and resilience. She pushed herself past her “comfort zone” to go beyond what she thought she could do.

To her credit, she hung it there and transformed the myriad of obstacles she faced into greater confidence, compassion, and strength. Her victory happened on the inside first and she is now experiencing wins on the outside – in her career, friendships, and more.

So while many say, “winning isn’t everything” – they are wrong. To win and feel victory is the only thing that is important – IF you remember that the win is NOT over someone else, it is winning over your inner negativity, doubt, and fear. Those types of wins are EVERYTHING because they help you expand your preset limitations and create value that can positively change the world.

Have a great week,

How Far Do You Have to Go?

Ever look at someone and think, “Boy, does she have a long way to go.” That thought could even be about you. And while an individual’s supreme potential may not yet be fully revealed, each person deserves your deepest respect for possessing it. So as you meet people throughout your day, acknowledge each one with dignity and respect.

Have a great weekend.

Warm regards,

Leverage Your Success with the Five Year Rule

It has been said, “Problems have only the size and the power you give them.”

So think about this . . .

Follow the “5 Year Rule.” If you experience a failure or mistake, measure it by the 5 year rule. That is, if the mistake or failure will be of significance in five years, then it’s important. If not, forgive and forget.

Happy Thursday,

Laugh at Inconsistencies and See the Big Picture

“The only completely consistent people I’ve met were dead.”

So think about this . . .

Laugh at inconsistencies. When you get caught off guard by little contradictions in people and events, shake them off and let them go. Focus on the bigger picture – trends, not single events. This give others the opening to do the same for you.

Have a great Wednesday,

No Near Death Experience Required

Ever notice how people who have had a brush with death all of a sudden have a stronger connection to life? The scare that life might be over rejuvenates and revitalized their spirit.

But why wait for a near death experience or life threatening illness to reconnect to what’s most important to you. What’s one thing that you would do (or stop doing) if you had a brush with death? Do it today – NOW!


What If Your Appreciation Determines Your Affluence?

I was home yesterday, enjoying the luxury of a long conversation with a friend who travels nearly 100% of the time for her consulting job. We were chatting about her recent vacation in London and the many people we both know who live in varied states of happiness and success.

“So what are you thinking about these days, Anita?” she asked.

“About Appreciation and Affluence – what I mean by affluence is high levels of personal and professional resources. I believe that the two go hand in hand. It’s hard to have much if you can’t see what’s right in front of you. From some research I have been doing, it’s interesting how many people with few material resources feel deep levels of gratitude – and those with huge amounts of material wealth often feel little appreciation for what they have and don’t even feel well off.”

“Sounds like you, Anita,” she said. “I like it.”

So this week, what actions will you take if you assume your appreciation does determine your affluence? Please let us know what happens.