What’s Next for You? The Time is Now.

Are you stuck – or perhaps just contemplating a bit of a change?

Either way, is it time to think about what’s next for you? You have skills, talents, and experiences that the world is absolutely waiting for – today.

Perhaps you have a dream, a glimmer of an idea, or a massive burning desire to make the world a little better.

Do it. We all need you.



Opening Opportunities for You

Do you believe in all of the possibilities of life – not just for others, but also for you? It’s easy to have life’s little twists and turns “erase” options and opportunities from your consciousness, yet they still exist. So as you approach your day, find one new way to do or think about something. Then notice the other things in your life that “open up.”

Best regards,

Are You More Struggle or Effort?

Someone once told me that there is a world of difference between struggle and effort, but initially they seemed much the same to me. My mistake.

We can put massive amounts of effort into our family, a project, or some other area of our life – and that could be absolutely perfect. We are often exhilarated by the journey, outcomes, and reviews.

Yet struggle is effort plus negative emotions and a sense of desperation. Not at all a good trio.

So the next time that you feel like you are struggling, pause. Then deconstruct the negative emotions and any sense of desperation and replace that “void” with a sense of appreciation and a generosity of spirit.

Then you will be more effort and rewards,

Is Your Dream Too Small?

I was chatting with a very wise friend the other day and she questioned a goal I have been working on for quite awhile. My life is so busy, I haven’t made the level of progress to which I aspire. In other words, my “victory” is taking longer than I’ve wanted it to. “I think your dream is too small,” she said rather abruptly.

I wanted to say, “are you kidding? did you just hear my schedule?!?” But, instead, I looked at her quizzically.

She laughed. “Anita, I think that you are wasting your time on this goal. If it were really important enough, you would make the time. You are really good at making the impossible happen – and I haven’t seen much of that lately from you.”

Well, my friend’s very direct words made me think: was I not succeeding at the level I want because I am playing in too small a game? So, I have set out on a mission to find goals that are big enough to be meaningful and a positive stretch. Will report back.

I encourage you to pursue your big dreams and back them up with consistent and life stretching action. Think of something you would do today if you were already living that dream – and do it for even 15 minutes!

Have a great Monday,

Why Worry?

Charles H. Mayo once said, “Worry affects circulation, the glands, the whole nervous system, and profoundly affects the heart.”

So think about this . . .

Did you know that the word “worry” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for choke? Worrying cuts off the stuff that breathes vitality into your life. So why suffocate? Practice replacing worry thoughts with empowering ones.

Have a great weekend,

Are You Feeling Successful and Happy?

Ever notice when you are feeling happy and successful, more success and happiness are right around the corner? Is there something “magic” in the air, water, or in your heart?

Wherever your feelings come from, they are a wonderful barometer for the health of your career, family, and life. Pay attention and you will have a vast amount of information that you can use to adjust your inner attitude. While not the easiest thing in the world to do, making internal changes to your heart and determination will yield amazing benefits in your environment.


Expanding Your Power with What Works

What if life is not one continuous problem solving session, but rather one glorious treasure hunt? Studies conducted at Case Western University show that individuals and organizations that analyzed their flaws and weaknesses had a more difficult time advancing than those who focused on what worked and built from there. This was true with children, teenagers, adults, and organizations of all sizes.

As an experiment for the next 31 days, first thing in the morning ask yourself: “What works about my relationships, career, health, your life as a whole – or you fill in the blank with whichever area you want to focus on?” Make a list, starting with 11 items on day 1. Add 3 items to your list each day for 30 days for a total of 101. This works. Just do it and you will reap tremendous rewards. Let us know what happens.

Have a terrific Wednesday,

If At First You Don’t Reach Your Goal . . .

When I was a teenager and struggling to achieve a dream that was all I could think about, my Aunt Mary used to tell me that If at first you don’t reach your goal, celebrate someone else’s success. While I loved my aunt, I thought she was clueless. How could I be truly happy for a victory that wasn’t mine?

Now you may think that this sense of “if you win, I lose” attitude is confined to teenagers. Yet all you have to do is look at your workplace, school, or even home and you will see this mind-set running rampant.

I suggest a different approach. Celebrate everyone’s successes and happy outcomes as if they were your own – and do it sincerely. Watch what happens – you will most likely make the other person feel acknowledged, create a more supportive environment, and boost your own spirit in the process.

Have a great day,

Breaking Any Deadlock

Procrastination is a thief – of value, esteem, and determination. Yet there is a one-word antidote for even the most highly crafted delay tactic – Action.

Nothing big is required. Look at what’s right in front you to do. If that’s too big, chop it up into tiny pieces then start with that. Once you act, you will have broken the deadlock.

What you do you want to accomplish and how can you begin right now?

Have a great week,

A Clean Sweep for a Fresh Start

My mother has told me on many occasions to, “Clean out your closets.”

Why not give it a shot?

Throw away items that can’t be repaired and give away things that you haven’t used in years that someone else would enjoy. Cleaning things out will work wonders for creating a vacuum in your life to be filled with something better.

Have a wonderful weekend,