Your Reward in Disguise

“Hey, I’m out of here! That’s not what I wanted nor expected.”

When reality fails to live up to what you hope for, do you cut out – leaving things unfinished or even unstarted? Being consistently dissatisfied with the experiences life gives you will stunt your growth and steal your happiness. Think of one setback that was actually beneficial to you. Write down why it was helpful in the short and long run. Then going forward, look for the good in each person and situation and act accordingly.

Have a great weekend,

Write an Encouragizer Note and Positively Change Your Life


Career and Life Advice from my Mother

“Write it down. Otherwise, how will you remember the terrific things you do?!?” Zese (my mother)

Sometimes my mother is right on target, so here’s what she (adamantly) suggests . . .

Record your progress.  Each day register in a notebook, voice recorder, blog, or wherever you will do consistently.  Include the good you do, the good you experience, insights you have, lessons you learn, and anything else of interest.  Reread your entries often.

Happy advancing,

Success in Action

It was once said, “Nothing is harder on your laurels than resting on them.”

If you’re feeling challenged today, consider yourself lucky. Without challenges you’d rot and die. Lack of growth steals your excitement, usefulness, and sense of well-being. So don’t allow difficulties to scare you into inaction. What can you tackle today? Do something that is small enough that you can absolutely do it right now and yet large enough to be meaningful. So make a commitment to proceed, seek help if you need it, and share your progress with others (including me!)


A Foundation for Leadership

“How would you describe your leadership style?” I asked a group of people in Chicago.

One young, dark-haired woman raised her hand. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate question for me,” she said. “I’m not a leader yet. I’ve just started my career.”

“That’s an interesting point,” I replied. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Jennifer,” the woman said sheepishly.

“Jennifer, where do you direct things at home, work, school, or in your community?” I inquired.

“Well,” she paused, “lots of places.”

Jennifer went on to tell the group the activities where she felt that she led things, from coordinating Friday night outings with friends to making sure her cat always has food and clean litter. She also developed a financial valuation model on which she trained the office staff.

It was obvious to many in the group that Jennifer has been a leader for many years. She did what most good leaders do. She learned to lead others by leading herself, making the most of her strengths to move in the direction of her goals and dreams.

So what kind of leader are you and how can you polish your leadership skills today?

Remember, leadership begins with you.


Winning Right Here, Right Now

The only opportunity to be victorious is at this very moment. Success and happiness is determined by those moment-to-moment decisions – whether to complain or be appreciative, encourage or discourage, give up or mobilize your strengths and move ahead.

So today, give yourself the opportunity to win, win, and win again – right here and right now – even in teeny tiny ways. It all counts and so do you!

Have a great weekend,