Inside First

I was with a group of friends yesterday who shared some serious challenges – from financial and career to health and family.  What struck me was the orientation of their approach. While many people complain about the economy, inconsiderate people, and a lack of opportunities, my friends focus was on changing themselves first. I must admit that it can seem easier to put the blame on others because looking at myself is downright scary. “If only they would change” requires absolutely no courage. So it my friends: congratulations on your victories and your willingness to transform your heart first.

Have a great Monday,

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Overwhelmed? Think Smaller.

I took today off to work on my book (read as “I should have less to do”) and before my feet even hit the floor out of bed, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Too much to do. Too many people asking too many things of me – today, tomorrow, Sunday, next week. I was freaking myself out before I so much as flossed. I was sucking all of the joy out of my day.

Fortunately, I had just enough sense to stop myself and decide that I needed to slice and dice the big things I saw in front of me into smaller pieces that I could manage. I am not suggesting that you scale back on your goals and dreams. Yet there are times when a bunch of tiny steps (which lead to the same outcome,) can create less pressure, frustration, and discomfort and more satisfaction.

Well, I am off to do a few things – not everything – just some.

Have a great weekend,

Actions Are Way Louder

You can say whatever you want lots of times. You can be sincere, genuine, and authentic. Yet, words alone, no matter how powerful and how often you repeat them do not have sustainable impact without action. Your actions much match your words to be compelling, for others to follow and support your efforts, and for you to ultimately succeed.

So match your words with actions – and watch what happens.

Happy Thursday,

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The Scariest of All

Some people are really into the Halloween season – terrifying costumes, make-up, and sounds. Yet none of the ghoulish tricks and treats of Halloween can compare with giving up on our aspirations, putting off our dreams, and waiting until “someday.” The great news is that there is something more powerful than all of this scary stuff and that’s action.

Even 15 minutes a day takes to you closer to your goals. So walk, study, build your business – whatever it is, do it.

Have a great Wednesday,
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Following Your Passion – For Real

My friend, Adrian, was a very young boy when he watched the first man land on the moon from his home in South America. Sitting on his father’s lap, he looked up at his dad and asked: “How do they talk to one another?” Adrian’s father explained this as one would to a four-year old. Yet Adrian wanted specifics – he wanted to know who made the devices (my word, not his) that allowed people on earth talk to the astronauts. With complete purity and innocence, Adrian told his father that he was going to grow up and work for that company, Motorola.

Well, on that day in August of 1969, a passion was born in Adrian. He grew up, went to school, and landed a job at Motorola. He has worked for them in the Americas and Asia and today is a Senior Director at Motorola Mobility.

So where is your passion and where do you want it to take you? Understand this and when you back it up with consistent action – you might succeed just like Adrian.

Happy Birthday, Adrian.


Write an Encouragizer Note and Positively Change Your Life

Learn From Everyone

I used to think that I could only learn from professors, leaders, and experts – and only the very best in each category. Well, I have been know as a self-admitted intellectual snob –  as least earlier in my life. Learning from my parents, after the age of 13, was another lost cause. Then I met my friend, Randy. He came to visit my family when I was in college and through his eyes, I saw how much my father could teach me was a self-made entrepreneur (who’d of thunk it.)

Well, this opening of my eyes led me to see how much I can learn from a whole variety of people.

If you notice a person with little to offer you, look deeper. You might find a golden nugget of learning.

Have a great Monday,
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Your Time is Now

Earlier this week, I asked a student (will call him Todd – not his real name) from Chicago Booth about his career plans. Before I even got the question out, he smiled and began to list all of the progress he had made in the last three months. The number of items was massive. Now, don’t get me wrong, lots of action doesn’t necessarily translate into advancement. Yet with Todd, action is definitely leading to greater and greater success for him.

“How are you accomplishing all of this on top of work and school” I asked Todd.

His answer was short and extremely clear – “When you know what you want, it’s crucial to believe that today is the ONLY day and now is MY TIME. Then every action has urgency and meaning.”

Good advice.

Thanks Todd.

Have a great weekend,

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