The Importance of Brilliant Friends

Over lunch, I was on the phone with one of my friends, a person of rare interest in stats and algorithms. I believe that it’s crucial to have people in my life who are brilliant at things I am not. It’s really the only way to grow, advance, and shine.

Well, my stats’ friend came up with an amazing way to look at appreciation and to be able to measure the best approach and impact quantitatively – something that my creative and strategic brain didn’t even see.

So, invite people into your life who complement you. They are the very individuals who allow you to excel in your own right.

Have a great day oh brilliant ones,

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When Limits Mean Nothing

I have a friend who plows through limits again and again. She is incredible. Now if you met her, she wouldn’t remind you of a superhero, super model, or superstar. On the surface, she looks like anyone you would pass on the street.

What is different about my friend is that her commitment to her goals, dreams, and helping others supersedes her fear, distractions, and ego. In the end, she achieves virtually everything that she wants – not because she is special, but because limits mean nothing to her. I want to be more like her when I grow up.

Happy Monday,

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Treasures Galore

I was studying with a group of friends last evening and the topic turned deep – as you know it does with me and my friends. We began to discuss the conflict between believing feelings of doubt, inadequacy, and insecurity and the empowering ones of confidence, courage, and appreciation.

It made me wonder why it’s easier to trust the low self estimations rather than the magnificent ones. One could blame a challenging childhood, unhealthy relationships, or even the news, but these would just be excuses. Our magnificence is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any challenge – if you believe it. Start now.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Play to Win

My Aunt Syl once told me to play to win and start by winning over myself. I didn’t understand what she meant and actually thought it was silly. As a teenager, I truly believed that my challenges were only outside of me and clearly resided in the lives of others. I wasn’t the one stopping me have reaching a goal, it was some other person.

“How did that work for you?” you might think. Not so well. It wasn’t until I started to look inside of myself and, as I was told, win over myself – that I actually became victorious and happy.

Have a great day,

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Success on a Resume

I am sitting in the Harper Center at Chicago Booth getting ready for a day of resume reviews. It’s the time of year when a whole group of us from Career Services review nearly 1000 resumes. I have done this since 2006 and someone asked me if it was incredibly boring.

“It certainly could be,” I said. “That is – if you look at each resume as just a bunch of words on a piece of white paper. Not so, if you remember that the resume is a person’s life – his or her hopes and dreams. Then, reviewing each resume is exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring.”

While this may sound incredibly Pollyanna-ish, think about how it feels when anything you do has a purpose. The action is turbocharged, stimulating, and wildly encouraging.

Happy Wednesday,

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Dreams Realized

I was with a group of friends last night and the conversation moved toward goals, dreams, and commitment – a deep topic for super steamy weather.

Toward the end of the gathering, one of the people, Val, talked about her big dreams and how she almost failed by believing that some circumstances were impossible to change.

“Aren’t some things impossible?” I thought to myself. Before I could even answer my own question in my head, Val continued. She talked about how important it is to make a vow with ourselves. It’s way more than, “cool, I think this would be a great dream.” A vow is a deep commitment to ourselves to succeed and be happy. It requires courage, action, and a belief that limitations are found within and can be changed from inside our heart.

Wow. Lots to think about.

Thanks, Val.

Have a great day,

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The Great Upswing

When I have time to do a little of nothing, my thoughts go to what’s missing, what needs to be fixed, and what’s wrong with me. YIKES! That line of thinking clearly leads to all kinds of negativity – and takes (at least) me to a place I don’t want to go.

I am much happier in an appreciative mode – what can I learn, how can I share what I learned to help others, and how can I encourage others – PERIOD.

Today is a new day and one filled with appreciative thoughts and actions – and I actually started the day with no office phone or internet connection. A huge upswing already!

Enjoy your day,

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