When Good Becomes Great

With the storms this week, millions of people were out of power and my mother was one of them. My family was prepared, but still it was cold and damp. Then the landlines went out and their mobile phones were close to being out of juice.

Now this may sound like a rescue story and in a way it is. After almost a day without power, two of my mother’s friends invited my family to stay with them. What a hugely generous act of kindness. Their gesture is a wonderful example of how goodness becomes greatness.

Thanks Holly and Marty – you are both great.

With appreciation,


When Good Wins

With the storms that are ripping through the eastern part of the U. S., I am inspired by the stories that are already emerging. There are people helping others, making sure that they are as safe as they can be – given the situation. The best in people can be seen when we least expect it and need it so much.

Thank you for being one of the people who cares deeply, helps others, and takes action that benefits everyone involved. You prove, once again, that when others unify for the better of many, good things eclipse the negative.

With deep admiration and appreciation,

A Change of Heart

I met with someone over of the weekend. When I looked at this friend, it was clear that something had changed. He looked brighter, happier, and truly alive. He had lost his job a couple of months ago, so  I thought that his good news was about his landing a new position. While he has some really good opportunities in the queue, that wasn’t the cause of the change.
My friend told me that he refuses to complain (a previous major activity for him) and instead sends good will, love, and support to others. Now this may not sound like a big deal to those of you who are already inclined to approach the world this way. Yet for my friend, this “sending goodness to the world” is a radical (and wonderful) departure.
I am thrilled for him and happy to be reminded of the power in each of us to direct our attention to things that make us happy and positively influence those around us.
Thanks NJ.
Have a great Monday,

Skin in the Game

I was chatting with two people over lunch today and the discussion turned to what are key factors that separate entrepreneurial winners from the also-rans. The lawyer and serial entrepreneur had almost identical answers – the person with commitment and skin in the game supersedes just about everyone.

So take a look inside – are you on the sidelines with a make-believe commitment to whatever you do – or are you the real deal? Either is fine as long as you are aware where you stand.

Just something to think about.

Have a great weekend,

Our Shared Dream

I talk to a lot of people every day. Their goals and aspirations are as varied as the people themselves – from creating the next technology wonder or becoming a partner in a private equity firm to being an artist whose work brings out the best in people. The goals may be different, but the dream is invariably the same – to create a safe, compassionate world where people all over the globe can be happy and successful.

While this dream can get lost in the midst of the challenges of life, please don’t forget it. Our shared dream shapes the world.


For more – http://www.scoop.it/t/what-i-wish-i-had-known

Are You on Hold?

I was attending an awards’ luncheon today and heard the stories of amazing women doing extraordinary things. Their speeches reflect what is truly possible when we make a commitment, direct our talents toward our goal, and have our contributions make a difference to many individuals all over the world.

These women gave me pause. Am I going full out with my own goals, dreams, and contributions? And if not, why not?!? I am answering these questions and will proceed accordingly.

Food for thought for each of us.

Have a great day,

Is Your Mirror Askew?

I was listening to some people on the bus ride home yesterday. Two high school students were really agitated and I was glad that my stop was only a few blocks away. That said, I was fascinated by their conversation. Each was blaming the other for a school project not going well. Neither was willing to assume any responsibility.

I chuckled to myself (in a smug kind of way). Then I realized I have been known to do exactly the same thing. When something doesn’t go my way, I don’t always look at my role and responsibility first. I point fingers at others involved. At some level, I was just like the two high school students. Not a pretty picture, but a great reminder that my environment is a wonderful mirror of my life – and not askew.

Have a great Tuesday,

Practical Optimism

This morning, I am not feeling so great. Saturday was rough – someone close to me had a seizure, fell into the glass door of the oven, and his head was deeply lacerated by one of the bazillion glass shards. Saturday evening was spent in the ER where he needed eight staples to close the wound. That was the bad news.

Yet when I pause, there is good news. Two wonderful friends drove us to the hospital. The care by the staff was kind, compassionate, and responsive. The cause and consequences of the injury could have been much worse.

So the question today is this – how can we acknowledge, value, and integrate challenging events while focusing on the good? I personally am a work-in-progress.

More to follow.

Have a great day,

For more – http://www.scoop.it/t/what-i-wish-i-had-known

The Grass is Greener Here

I was chatting with my friend, Melissa, last night and she gave me a truly aha moment. We were talking about how to create greater happiness and success and she told me to “Go Green.” Being ecologically appropriate is something to which I am committed. “Go Green,” I chirped back. “I’m all about recycling.”

Melissa told me that she had something else in mind. She believes that happiness and success result from a strong commitment to win where you are. It’s easy to ditch a job, relationship, or city and move on – this is “The Grass is Always Greener” approach. “Anita, the grass is greener HERE!” said Melissa.

Wow. She is absolutely right.

Thanks, Melissa.

Have a great weekend,

For more – www.whatIwishIhadknown.org

Victory at Eighty-Something

I was with a group of friends last night and our conversation veered toward achieving our goals and dreams – one of my favorite topics. People talked about work, family, and finances. Then the eighty-something women next to me smiled as told us that her dream is to live at least another twenty years. She went on to tell us why – her dream is to help as many people as possible become happy – to have an indestructible happiness in their hearts. In doing so, have the world be more compassionate, inclusive, and peaceful.

A great goal at any age. Mrs. L – you rock!

Have a great day,