The Very Best

When I think of the very best, visions of luxury items, first class travel, and fabulous hotel suites come to mind. While all of these are terrific, wonderful friends are even better. They make my life happy, meaningful, and filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and appreciate.

Happy Birthday, Betty!

Have a great weekend,


Slowing Down to Speed Up

There are many things going on right now – really good stuff and a bunch of it. I have a tendency to take on more and more and more – personally and professionally – and then feel like there’s just too much.

So, I am learning to slow down or even pause. When I do, I am enlivened, re-energized, and happily accelerate to the next big thing.


New York is Thrilled

Last night I was with a group of friends – actually this time they came to my house. In the middle of a discussion about how to take challenges and turn them into fuel for happiness, Kelly shared some news. Kelly is an extremely talented singer and actor with a sense of mission that brings a smile to my face just thinking about her. She is laying the foundation to use her gifts to help young people experience their own talents through theater.

Kelly’s news is big: she is heading to NYC to graduate school to take the next step toward her dream. She is already inspiring many people (including me) how to use conviction, tenacity, and faith to create success and happiness – not despite challenges, but because of them.

Way to go, Kelly. Even if New York doesn’t know it yet, the city will be thrilled that you are on your way.

Have a great Wednesday and Kevin – Happy Birthday!

12 Wishes

I was watched the movie, 12 Wishes of Christmas last night. I love holiday movies and so I snuggled up under the covers and looked forward to the two hours ahead.

The main character was unhappy, her life was not going according to plans, so she went to see a life coach who gave her 12 wishes. She was told to go the life coach’s website, accept the terms and conditions (which she doesn’t read), and wish away.

Each of her wishes, while fun, wonderful, and enlivening, had a clear agenda – to give herself an advantage. Yet she could not see the rippling consequences – and some were definitely negative – landing her even worse shape than when she started.

In the end, the main character realized that changes for herself and others start and end with what’s in her heart – and helping others. Once she did, her life blossomed and so did everyone else’s around her.

My lesson was this – wishing is great and yet real riches come from my willingness to transform myself.

Have a great Tuesday,

How Amazing Are You?

Whenever I have time to think  – like over a long holiday weekend – I start to question my capacity to accomplish certain things (especially the BIG goals). Well, this past weekend was no exception. I looked at the things still left to do more than how far I have come. The “shoulds” in my life were eclipsing the power, creativity, and resourcefulness that are at the core of who I am.

This realization popped into my brain at the very end of a Chopped episode on the Food Network last night. The winner, a women who had recently reinvented herself as a chef, said to the judges (paraphrased here), “Your family and friends can only tell you so many times that you are amazing. Now I feel it in my heart.”


Each of us is amazing, IF we are open to feeling it.

Hve a wonderful day,

Thanks So Much!

I just want to say thank you for all of your support, comments, and inspiration for ideas.

For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I will be on holiday until Monday.

Have a great rest of the week,

The “Wow” Email

I finished up a call with an alum from Chicago Booth and opened my email inbox. An email came through with the subject line “Wow”. As I was about to delete it, thinking it was spam, I saw that it was from a professor I know and like a lot.. He has stumbled upon an article written about my being crushed by an elevator car years ago. He couldn’t believe it – hence the “Wow”. What a good reminder for me – especially at this time of year: to feel gratitude for all of the people who helped me become who I am today (family, friends, and many more). The other reminder is to feel appreciation for myself – not in any narcissistic way, but as a human being who won over an enormous challenge and has more love, insight, and encouragement to share with others because of the experience..

Mike – thanks for the reminder.

Have a great day,

An Extravaganza of the Heart

I am a TV flipper and yesterday I came across a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) that caught my attention. While I don’t watch a lot of OWN programming, I set a reminder to change to that channel a minute for 8:00 last night. The show was her annual Favorite Things extravaganza.

When I turned it on, there was a very positive twist on previous shows of this kind. Thirty spouses of military personnel who were the recipients of nearly fifty gifts. One gift was really significant to one of the spouses: It was a tempurpedic bed – exactly the one her husband’s doctors had prescribed to help him heal, but that they couldn’t afford.

On the surface, the whole episode could look like sappy holiday-season TV – but I encourage you to look beyond that and see the tremendous value each of us can create by helping another human being. While Oprah has many more financial resources than nearly everyone, we all have heart and a capacity to encourage one another.


Insecurity Sucks

I know that I am not alone with this, but when doubt and insecurity seep into my thoughts – I feel awful.

In most situations, I have lots of confidence based on my knowledge, skills, and experience. Yet, there are times when I don’t live up to my own (very high) standards and boom – insecurity creeps in. Yucko!

So at least for now, I am going to give myself the latitude to not be perfect – what a concept! I encourage you to do the same.

Have a great weekend,

The New Scarlet “A”

Sometimes I get into a mode where I believe I know everything – which of course couldn’t possibly be true. While it is terrific to feel confident, being “all-knowing” is clearly a sign of arrogance which can create blind spots, hurt feelings, and missed opportunities.

The good news for me is that I at least know that there are many things that I don’t know and seeking the knowledge, insights, and experience of others and really listening to what they have to say is priceless.

Have a great Thursday,