The Clear Mirror

I was reading (actually re-reading for the upteenth time) an essay about the clear mirror of our lives. I love the concept – the people and circumstances in my life are a reflection of my mind, heart, and spirit. I am especially onboard with this when life is going smoothly and I am happily advancing.

Yet there are times when I “forget” the whole thing. It could be when a friend or family member is asking for more than I want to give. “They’re so needy,” I think. “How could this possibly be a side of me?” When I am honest with myself, I can be that way, too.

Or, even better, a person who was an advisor who belittled and told me how little my life was worth. While his words broke my heart and spirit for a time, when I took a step back I was able to see two things: 1. I have the same tendency toward arrogance and 2. I can make the commitment to find the best in people and help give others confidence.

So when the mirror of my life shows me something (through another person) I don’t want to experience, I do my best to digest the message and realize the messenger is me.

Have a great day,


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