Honesty, Courage, and Tenacity

Yesterday, I was with friends. JM, a senior in high school, shared some challenging experiences she faced over the last few years. JM is a bright, caring, and talented young woman. Yet her first few years of high school were filled with being bullied. Other classmates did some really humiliating and hurtful things to JM. This impacted her confidence, sense of self-worth, and grades.

Yet there is a positive outcome to her story. While JM was hurt, angry, and lacked hope (at least for awhile), she didn’t give up. She dug deep inside her heart and transformed the terrible things others did to her into a drive and determination to realize her goals and dreams. JM reported yesterday that today she is happy, successful in school, and preparing to go to college this autumn.

JM is an inspiration and a wonderful example of what’s possible.

Happy a great week,


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