The Success Quotient

I was chatting with my friend, Joan, this week. She confessed that she feels like she has few, if any, skills, talents, and valued experiences. Now, I understand that for some people’s lack of success qualities is a real thing – they are missing key attributes needed to excel in their field and in life.

Yet Joan is highly accomplished. She has been working since age twelve and has advanced steadily for the last 25 years until about a year ago, when she moved back from Asia. You might chalk about her “I have nothing” to bravado, a need for attention, or an emotional illness. For Joan, there is clear disconnect between who she is, what she has accomplished, and her current state of mind. Her discouraged state is fueled by the marketplace seeing her as less than because of the nearly one-year gap in her resume.

Fortunately, Joan is open to feedback and support. We spent nearly two hours cataloguing her deep knowledge, varied skills, and impressive experience. This encouraged both of us and was a great reminder of all of the success we can find if we look just below the surface.

Have a great weekend,


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