The Fallacy of Fear

I was chatting with a friend this morning who when I asked her what she believes is my “one thing”. Her answer was: Fear. That is not what I was expecting. That isn’t to say that fear doesn’t stop me at times, but I was actually looking for my one great, cool, and outstanding thing.

Yet her answer made me think – do I create challenges for myself because I get scared? Sure.

On deeper examination, I realized that inaction is failure driven by fear. So if I might fail anyway, why not let courage be my guide. Who knows – I could succeed at levels I can’t even see at the present.

Sounds like a plan.

Have a good Thursday,


2 Replies to “The Fallacy of Fear”

  1. I’ve found the Enneagram a very helpful model in observing and understanding the motives and drives of my fellow human beings.
    That being said, your statement that inaction is failure driven by fear, and that it is self sabotaging, is something I agree with.
    But fear is not my primary motivator, so it’s easy to draw conclusions. For those whose primary motivator IS fear, it can be absolutely pivotal and paralyzing.
    Ah, the glory of Creation! Good post.

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