Who is Most Successful?

Last night on my way home from work, I started reading the book, Givers and Takers, by Adam Grant. It was quite the enlightening read. Adam believes that there are three reciprocity types, givers (those whose primary focus is to give), takers (whose you take first and foremost), and matchers (those who want to keep the score even – using the quid pro quo approach). Most people are a blend of the three, depending on the circumstances.

I think of myself as a giver. I just like to add value to others – of course, not in a selfless way, but overall giving first. So as I read the story of a giver Venture Capitalist (VC) in Silicon Valley, I related to him. Then Adam tells us that not only did this VC lose a great deal because of his giving approach, that givers are at the bottom of the success ladder in their careers and life.

I immediately had second thoughts about being a giver. Yet Adam was a bit mischievous. He didn’t tell the reader, for several more pages, that givers are also at the top of the success ladder. The takers and matchers settle in the average zone. This made me feel better.

Okay, so I have a big ego. There are worse things – at least I am a giver.

Have a great day,


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