Allowing versus Driving

Yesterday, I was asked to co-facilitate a discussion for a small group of friends. While the material was not incredibly difficult to understand, I struggled with the best way to create an environment where people in the room felt comfortable actually sharing their insights. Each time I thought I found the correct strategy, I hit an internal roadblock. I wanted to drive to a plan and an outcome, but it just wasn’t happening.

With no other course of action, I decided to do what I do best – write a set of questions and keep the presentation part to a minimum. I stopped driving and allowed the discussion to unfold.

Well, for those of you who know me – allowing is not my most comfortable thing. I did it anyway. In the end, we had a wonderful discussion. Nearly everyone in the room contributed to the conversation – and the feedback was terrific.

So allowing can and does work – take is from a control freak like me.

Have a wonderful Monday,

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