Interest, Credibility, and Confidence

I was chatting with one of my career mentors the other day. I asked her what she believes are the three most important things for enduring career success. She is a brilliant human being and I was excited to hear what she had to say. Here are her top three:

  1. Interest – look at areas where you already spend time learning, tracking trends, and acting on what you learn. You are inclined to devote time and energy – important for short and long term success

  2. Credibility – see where you are an expert.On what topics do others seek you out for advice and guidance? Do you speak, write, consult, and teach in particular areas? This is a great place to start. If you are looking for a change, what is the bridge from where you are already seen as an expert?

  3. Confidence – where are your greatest accomplishments? Where do you feel proud, competent, and talented.

Then explore where the three intersect. That’s your sweet spot and where you can offer and gain the most.



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