Sometimes It’s Not About You

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and she seemed to either look at her phone or actively (almost hostilely) disagree with just about everything I said. I was having a doubt-filled day to begin with, I took her behavior personally. Then we met up with a few more friends and she did the same thing to them.

While I felt a bit better that it wasn’t just me, I paused long enough to realize that maybe there was something troubling my friend. So before she went home and I headed to meet another friend, I asked her how she was. That opened up the floodgates and she shared her worries about her daughter who was having a serious health problem. I just listened. That’s all she really needed.

I must admit I felt a bit silly and egotistical assuming that her disinterest was all my “fault”.

Be open and have a great day,


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