“The Answer”

Through the ages, philosophers, gurus, and success experts have claimed that they have “The Answer” to indisputable personal and professional achievement. While many have ideas, motivation, and wisdom to impart to us, the package often requires Herculean commitment, vast stores of willpower, and an ability to sift through more complexity than I have the willingness or patience to handle. And if the system doesn’t “work” – it’s not viewed as a systems failure, but a lack or defect in the person attempting to use it. The net result is a confidence drain.

To me, this is not an acceptable outcome.

So, I began to study – not of the marketers of success – but of real people who became successful on their own terms.  I noticed a three-step process that they intuitively use.

1.     Dream. It’s crucial to have goals – concrete, measurable, and win-win – with steps that are doable beginning today. They must be your goals – not a friend’s, parent’s, partner’s – or something that you “should” do. Choose goals important to you that inspire, motivate, and are a source of celebration when achieved.

2.    Do it now. It’s time to start today. It’s doesn’t matter how small the step is, just that you do it. Refrain from comparing your actions to anyone else’s. It’s counterproductive and generally useless. Take actions that you are ready, willing, and able to take and that you will feel good about when they are done. This can be as simple as making a phone call to someone who can help you to spending 15 minutes a day until your business plan is completed.

3.    Be Done. When you are about 80% through with a goal, plan the next one. It will be your impetus to plow through the last 20% and not refine yourself into oblivion. Attention to detail is great unless it becomes perfectionism run a muck. Once you complete a goal, celebrate the success, rest on your laurels for about 20 minutes, and then go on to create your next success.

As you Dream, Do it now, and Be Done, I’d love to hear about your successes. That’s what keeps me inspired.


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