The Next Win

I was doing a bit of reading this past weekend and reread something that really stuck with me. To paraphrase: “Win where you are. Win with what’s right in front of you.”

My first reaction was “of course”. My second reaction was a bit more sobering – what if where you are isn’t good – if it’s not where you want to be (or even far from it)?” Then “win where you” are could feel like an apathetic aphorism.

So I dug a little deeper. Just below the surface was a question about orientation: who has to change before a next win can take place? If the answer is someone other than me, then “win where you are” is an annoying platitude, but I am the force of change (from inside my heart) – then winning exactly where I am is the only way to win.

Whew! Lots to think about and even more to do.

Have a great Monday,


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