Waking Up Your Network

I was working with someone this week (let’s call him John) who was concerned that he didn’t have a network – a group of people  from whom he could access information, support, and even job opportunities. When I probed a little deeper, it wasn’t that he didn’t know people. It was just that John had been out of touch with so many of them for such a long time that he was embarrassed to reach out now when he needed something from these people.

To be fair, John has a good point. It’s not the best approach to drop off the face of the earth and then reconnect with you are asking for a favor. That said, why not reach out? Since John’s contacts hadn’t reached out to him either, maybe they are waiting for him to make the first move. As long as John reaches out with limited expectation and a generosity of spirit, he could revitalize his connections and network.

So if you believe your network needs a jumpstart, be the one to do it!

Best regards,

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