Less Isn’t Really More

I was chatting with a friend (let’s call her Jody)  last week who had been going through a really rough time – health, finances, and career were in various states of decline. Jody was at a standstill. She was frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed and not sure where to turn. In an act of unbridled courage, she focused on not just what she needed to do to get by, but on how to excel.

Through a series of unforeseen circumstances, Jody reconnected with someone who offered her the job of her dreams with the flexibility for Jody to regain her strength and do so in an environment where she is paid well and treated with respect.

What my friend reminded me of is this: if you beg for something small that’s the most you’ll receive. Yet if you know what you want and ask for you, you create a place from which you can build and negotiate.

Have a great Monday,


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