Is Going Back Really a Good Idea?

I was chatting with a friend today (let’s call him Dave) who is on the cusp of a huge leap forward. He has created a game-changer product – not a marginal innovation, but a really big one. His product will enable many people to expand their sense of well-being, commitment, and wealth.

I am a big fan of him – and his ideas, but something he said today took me aback. Dave was talking about how he wanted to be who he was in the past – at a time when he was unstoppable. I believe that most people would like to re-enter of phase of our lives where we had super-accelerated growth. That’s totally cool.

My suggestion is this: instead of divorcing yourself from the past (Dave and the rest of us) leverage it and incorporate the ways you are smarter, wiser, and (dare I say) better today because of all of the ways you have changed.

Just a thought,


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