Is Your Critical Thinking Too Critical?

The other day a book “called” to me and I picked it up and started to read it. In my throes of arrogance I was certain I had seen, read, and known all of this. Yet, once again, I realized there is always more to learn.

Then the author demanded that I do all of the exercises. I kept reading, but didn’t commit. He even said “no tablets” – write your thoughts in a bound paper book. Okay, I have one of those. This seemed like a good time to use it, so I jumped in on my way home last night.

Exercise 1 was a doozy. I was asked to create four columns: Family, Work, Love, and Self. I then wrote down the things that came to mind under each column Ten minutes, no changes, and then pens down. I learned a lot, but not everything was pleasant.

My key lesson is this: critical thinking and self-reflection is good as long as it has some compassion (for oneself and others) mixed in.



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