Ask BIG Questions

I was with a group of friends last night. We were discussing the power of challenges to help us advance. Then one of the people asked a big, bold, and provocative question – not to incite anyone, but because she was truly interested in the answer. Well, all I can say is that she sparked a wonderfully engaged conversation that involved nearly everyone in the room.

Her courageous action helped make the gathering a success.

So, ask those big questions when you truly want to know the answers and you could help a whole bunch of people.

Have a great day,

One Reply to “Ask BIG Questions”

  1. Dear Anita, Someone who has always inspired me is YOU. I never forgot about you all these years. My name is different but my heart is the same. I am finally publishing my book about Lemuria on 8/8 on my website and I want to get your email information to send you any revenue that I receive from this. Thank you for ALL you have gifted our world. Sincerely, Faith (aka Vicki) Spina

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