The True Power Process

I was chatting with a recent alum from Chicago Booth today. He starts a new job later this month at one of the top consulting firms in the world. This is a huge accomplishment for anyone and especially for someone with his deep experience.

Then I asked him what made him successful when so many fail to get an interview let alone an offer. With great humility he told me three things:

  1. He approached each conversation as an end in and of itself. He deliberately refused to see any person as an expedient means to get the job. He was truly interested in each person.

  2. He didn’t expect anyone to do anything for him, but he did hope they would. This way he was happy when he received information, advice, and additional contacts – and when he didn’t, as least he met someone new and had an interesting conversation.

  3. He took incremental steps. He was not in search for THE ONE THING that would get him the offer. Instead, he took action that created progress.

Over the course of one year, he went from knowing little about consulting to landing the job of a lifetime.

Way to go!

Have a great day,

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