Beyond Assuming

Yesterday I was doing a bunch of things at home and had the TV on in the background. Something on OWN caught my eye. Okay, I don’t often watch Oprah, but when I saw that it was Miguel Ángel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements I sat down and began to listen. While the whole interview was enlightening and quite fascinating, I  zeroed in on The Third Agreement which is “Don’t Make Assumptions.”

I used to be the Queen of making assumptions. This didn’t really get me what I wanted because I would miss out on realizing things that could have created really positive outcomes. So today, I sincerely ask questions. This is a wonderful way to learn and have the actual facts, emotions, and wisdom emerge from and through the other person. When I approach things this way, I don’t take things so personally (The Second Agreement) and do my best (The Fourth Agreement).

Have a great day,


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