Kindness Matters

I have a friend who has been challenging to be around lately. He was leading a high-profile, early stage company that ultimately flopped. The private equity firm kicked him out and brought in someone else.

My friend is upset, frustrated, and angry and he’s been sharing some of that negativity with me. Yikes. Despite that fact that I have known him for about ten years, I noticed myself losing compassion for him – and honestly wanting to run in the opposite direction whenever we crossed paths.

On Sunday, I was meditating and felt really bad about the situation. So, I called him and I knew once I asked him how he was doing – he would tell me (probably) more than I wanted to hear. I asked anyway. Something shifted. I think that I stopped judging him for his failure and just listened. I actually enjoyed our time together. A great lesson for me.

Enjoy your weekend,

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