Be Enough

More of a thought and question for today. Being enough as you are doesn’t mean that you don’t continue to grow and learn. What it does mean is that you acknowledge your strengths, weaker areas, and opportunities for getting even better, and be okay with the whole package.

Pretend for a moment that you are enough today, just as you are – then what goals would you pursue that you might have put off?

Have a great day,


Obstacle or Benefit?

When is an obstacle a benefit or a benefit an obstacle? I must admit that sometimes I have a hard time deciding. Some challenging situations can become big-time derailers, but usually only if you call it quits too soon. On the other hand, an unexpected windfall could be a pure delight or it could become a distraction and land you where you don’t want to be.

My lesson  is this: do your best not to be swayed by looks like a great or a negative thing on the surface. Be committed to creating value from both.

Have a great weekend,

The Full Tank

I was thinking about people who truly excel personally and professionally and one characteristic is universal: they use each experience (that I might label positive or negative) as fuel for their growth and happiness.

So even when others would be knocked out by a challenge, these folks soar ahead.

Have a great day,

Good, Better, Best

I was chatting with a friend last night who was radically different than the last time I met with her. Don’t get me wrong she was talented, articulate, and competent – a solid good. Since our last visit, my friend has been expanding her capacity, knowledge, and courage. It was obvious in her communication, confidence, and (much bigger) goals. She is definitely in the better category. When I look into the future, I see my friend moving into being the best.

A lesson for me and maybe one for you.

Congrats, my friend.

Best regards,

Ask Great Questions

I was meeting with a student from Chicago Booth this afternoon and he suggested that I write a book on how to ask people questions. While I love to write and a new idea sparks my creativity, imagination, and heart, I paused, thanked him, and asked him why. “We are taught to answer questions, but not how to ask them – and the asking makes people feel engaged and happier..” What a brilliant guy!

Have a great day,

Be Your Brand

Over the weekend, I was reading the book, On Message by Zach Friend. Regardless of your political views, there are some interesting points about creating a compelling message for yourself, a product, or a whole organization.

My biggest takeaway is this: your brand is way more than a logo, catchy phrase, or swag. It how your message moves your target to action. Think about how this applies to your personal brand.

Something to think about,

Can You Have Money and Happiness?

Most people are wealthy and unhappy or have little money and are happy. I am most intrigued by the people who are rich and happy. Earlier in my life, I wondered if that was even possible. The more I learn and come to know, the more I believe that having lots of money and being super happy not only is possible, it’s an imperative.

“What in the world is woman talking about?!?” you may think. Well, my feeling is that when you find ways to enjoy what you do, make a good living at it, and give back to the world – money and happiness build on one another. Then, you can positively influence others. Doesn’t that make for a happier, more productive, and wealthier world on so many levels.

Call me Pollyanna, but the either money or happiness world hasn’t worked so well. Why not give this approach a whirl.

Have a great weekend,
Note: “Lots” (of money or happiness) is an amount only you can define. It’s absolutely not the same for you, me, and any other person in the world.

The Power of the Big

I was working on a personal project last week and I was stressed and frustrated by the pace of my progress. As a quick distraction, I call my friend, Dennis, just to talk. Dennis is an impeccable feedback mechanism for me: he doesn’t mince words. His answer to my overwhelm was paradoxical and brilliant. “Anita,” he told me. “You are mired in the weeds and are ignoring the big picture. That’s where you will find your purpose, creativity, and energy to happily persevere.”

He is right. With it’s important to find momentum in the small, the power of the big is to elevate our perspective, capacity, and heart.

Thanks, Den.

Have a great day,

The Wealth of Good

I was chatting with a friend last month and he was having a really challenging time with a colleague. As he described his colleague, a vision of a monster came to mind – ugly, menacing, and overall horrible. Yet, there had to be more – at least that was my hope. So we discussed the possibility of something good within the life of this seemingly terrible person.

At first my friend couldn’t find any redeeming value in his colleague, but as he thought more about it something good popped up. I wish I could tell you that everything miraculously changed and that my friend and his colleague became BCFs (best colleagues forever), but that isn’t true. What I can share is that their relationship has slowly opened up and created more value for both of them and their department.

One small positive thing – look for it, find it, and the change will begin.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Inside Victory

I have a friend who works very hard to advance. Sometimes she feels she makes progress and other times she feels like she is sliding backwards. Yet, from my perspective as long as she keeps challenging herself – she is victorious. This applies to each of us.

Also, it’s okay – now and again to take a deep breath and pause.

Just a thought.

Enjoy your day,