Can You Have Money and Happiness?

Most people are wealthy and unhappy or have little money and are happy. I am most intrigued by the people who are rich and happy. Earlier in my life, I wondered if that was even possible. The more I learn and come to know, the more I believe that having lots of money and being super happy not only is possible, it’s an imperative.

“What in the world is woman talking about?!?” you may think. Well, my feeling is that when you find ways to enjoy what you do, make a good living at it, and give back to the world – money and happiness build on one another. Then, you can positively influence others. Doesn’t that make for a happier, more productive, and wealthier world on so many levels.

Call me Pollyanna, but the either money or happiness world hasn’t worked so well. Why not give this approach a whirl.

Have a great weekend,
Note: “Lots” (of money or happiness) is an amount only you can define. It’s absolutely not the same for you, me, and any other person in the world.


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