Share the Real

As I have been preparing for a program for this Saturday, I have had to relive some very challenging times. As I was editing the part about my person incident with an out of control elevator, I started to cry. I couldn’t believe that I reacted that way after all these years.

Later when I timed the story with a colleague, she told me she had to hold back her own tears.

I guess that’s the point. We move people with our hearts when we share not just the end result – the success – but the boulder-covered path we took to get there.

Have a great  day,


The Power of Asking for Help

I am preparing for a program I am delivering this Saturday. My goal is for participants to leave with practical advice and encouragement –  and a bit more confidence than before they arrived.

Interestingly, I started having doubts and bits of insecurity that can creep when we embark on something that is important to us. This morning, I was feeling unsettled and nervous. Fortunately, I knew I could pick up the phone and call my friend, Kathy – who listened with an open heart and gave me feedback and truly inspired me. Thanks, Kathy.

My lesson today is: reach out and ask for help. You gain benefit and so does the other person.

Have a great day,


Baby is the New Grown-up

I was talking with a friend the other day and he was really worried about making a funding pitch for his company. He didn’t feel ready. He had an opportunity to present to a fund in healthcare (his space), but he deliberately didn’t make the connection.

He had great reasons for pushing the presentation off into the future –  from that the healthcare space is changing minute by minute to how if he only had a little more data his message would super solid.

That all said, my friend’s reasons were delay tactics so he wouldn’t embarrass himself.

My suggestion was that he act more like a baby and less like a grown-up. He looked appalled (as you might be right now). What I meant is for him to take action knowing that it won’t be perfect. He will learn something in the process and refine his approach for the next time.

A lesson for all of us. In fact, if we didn’t do that, starting as newborns, we would all be lying in giant cribs.

Have a great day,

Win Where You Are

I was chatting with friends last night and we were talking about how easy it is to have a dream and have that dream become a fantasy – especially if it will take months or even years to complete. The incentive to win today, where you are, is often thwarted by a big goal out in the future.

I, myself, have daydreamed about an idea but then failed to take action (within the constraints of my daily life). To be perfectly honest, brainstorming about a fabulous future is more comforting than tackling what is right in front of me.

Last night, I heard the stories of a person who has a new apartment after being homeless for seven years, a man who road his bicycle from Boston to Chicago, and a young executive who took on greater responsibilities (within his job) which led to a big promotion.

Each won where he or she was – and I know that you can I can do that, too.

Much success and happy birthday, Tony.

Have a winning day,


The Swinging Door of Success

I was chatting with someone yesterday about a business sector that is about to enter a period of accelerated growth. Now it’s not an area that interests me, but my friend was so excited about this opportunity that his energy was palpable. When his expression changed from joyful to serious, I wondered what was up.

“Anita,” he said. “I know that this exponential growth will only last for a few years and I need to move now. Otherwise, the door will swing and hit me in the face.”

My friend is quite wise: he knows where is interest, passion, and talents lie and he realizes that he needs to muster up the courage, drive, and perspective to move ahead and win (not over others, but over himself.)

Much success, my friend – and to all those reading this.