The Success Marathon

Yesterday, I headed to downtown Chicago in the middle of the Chicago Marathon. You may think – what were you thinking? I must admit I was glad I did. Heading to the south loop from the northside was amazingly easy, quick, and pretty quiet.

Heading back north was a different experience. Once I got to Roosevelt Road, the sidewalks were PACKED -filled with runners who had completed the race and many others who had cheered them on. The energy, excitement, and sense of victory was palpable. Each time I noticed a person with the marathon medal hanging from his or her neck, I offered a big Congratulations! Each individual beamed with pride, joy, and sense of accomplishment.

These marathon runners reminded me of how success and happiness is like running a marathon:

  • It’s essential to have a clear, concrete, and specific goal

  • Anchor that goal to a purpose – or why it’s important to you

  • Have a plan for preparation, practice, and advancement

  • Getting there can take time, but crossing the finish line is extraordinary

Have a great day,

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