Don’t Stop Before You Start

I have been looking for names for the transformative stories that inspire me and that I am in the process of sharing with others. One name bubbled up. It is clear, direct, and with no need of explanation. Then my negative side interjected, “That URL will never be available. It’s just too good.”

Fortunately, this didn’t stop me from at least looking it up. What a surprise when I saw that the .com was available! So, I registered it straightaway.

My lesson is this: don’t stop before you begin. Defeat starts in your heart and so does victory.

Have a great day,


One Reply to “Don’t Stop Before You Start”

  1. Hey Anita –

    A W E S O M E  !  !  —   Us Lego Maniacs really DO have the right idea.

    Getting ready to head out for lunch soon (and perhaps the Post Office) so let me know if you still want stamps and whether the standard ‘U.S. Flag’ Forever Stamps are OK.

    You’re welcome to call me on the cell.

    AT&T called, and I confirmed the appointment for installing the Hi-Speed Internet tomorrow as well.

    ~ Tony ~

    >________________________________ > From: Encouragizers ™ >To: >Sent: Monday, March 3, 2014 11:55 AM >Subject: [New post] LEGO Has the Right Idea > > > > >Anita posted: “I didn’t play with LEGO as a child, but I loved my trip to LEGOland in Denmark. So when the LEGO movie came out, I put it on my list to definitely see. When I haven’t seen it yet. I found the theme song on YouTube. The song, “Everything is Awesome” is fun” >

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