Clues to Success

I often have vivid dreams and last night was no exception. In my dream, I was with a group of colleagues at some really cool conference with people from all over the world. I was having such a good time.

One of my colleagues began to talk to a group of us about an amazing model and the coach who created it. She went on and one about this woman to the point that the Associate Dean decided, on the spot, to bring in this coach to teach us each how to use her model. The buzz about this coach spread quickly throughout the conference.

At first, I wondered how could I have missed this – I like to keep up on what’s new, exciting, and useful.

Then all at once, I realized that they were talking about me. I was overjoyed.

My lesson: sometimes the things that we are truly brilliant at we take for granted and fail to utilize to bring value to many. Where is your brilliance? Share is early and often!

Have a great day,


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