What’s Really Within Reach?

I was chatting with a friend a few months ago who wanted to move into Venture Capital (VC). Now, I hear many people who dream of being in the VC world. While I believe that we all have the opportunity to go after our dreams – a career in VC is more of a fantasy than a goal.

Well, I reconnected with my friend yesterday and guess what? He did it. He landed a job in a fast growing VC firm and he is on the partner track. Wow!

You may wonder: “How did he beat the odds and land such a dream job? I would say that the answer is two-fold: first, he builds and maintains strong relationships in a reciprocal way and two, he understands the value he brings and articulates it well. He delivers a double shot of credibility, generosity, and excellence. Who wouldn’t want to hire him!

Congrats, friend.

What are you really capable of doing?

Have a great day,

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