Ask for the Big Stuff

Last night before I went to sleep, I asked myself an important question and wanted to wake up with a big answer. Well, at about 1:42am I was wide awake with a definitive response clear in my mind. At a visceral level, I felt that my sub-conscious gave me the answer I was looking for. It wasn’t what I expected, but the gut feeling was strong, powerful, and positive.

I went back to sleep feeling pretty good about things. Then I woke up and thought about the impact of implementing what had come to me in the middle of the night – it is far-reaching. I will admit that it scared me a little.

I am contemplating my next steps – which will be of the BabyStep variety so I can comfortably move ahead with this Big Stuff.

If you ask for the big stuff, be ready to receive it.

More to follow,


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