The Power of Coincidence

I was chatting with a friend last week and he suggested that I make a list of people I would like to interview for my next book and to include people that I have little or no chance of meeting – too famous, powerful, and/or just too BIG. While it seemed a little silly to do that, I really respect my friend. So last night I added one name to my list. I even looked in LinkedIn to see if I had a connection. Not really.

Later that evening, I was with a few friends doing a bit of planning for an upcoming event and during the discussion, one friend mentioned the person on my list. She actually grew up with this man and his family. Even if she cannot be a direct link to the person on my list, I am encouraged to see what is possible with a sense of what I want to see happen and the courage to share my vision with others.

So pay attention to those coincidences!

Happy Birthday Ilene and everyone have a great day,


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