How Great Are You Willing to Be?

I was working with someone this week and he shared a really big idea. This is not someone with an inflated ego believing he has the next game changing breakthrough. As I listened to him, I felt almost the opposite – that he knew he had something, but didn’t necessarily perceive its full potential.

Then it made me think – did he not see the greatness in the product or in himself? I have seen this so many times in people with talents, skills, and experiences at various levels. They share one thing that I believe works against each of us – a fear of being great – within your own sphere of influence – be it at home, work, and/or in your community.

I wish I had a breakthrough answer, but this I do know for sure: if you take action toward your goal that you can absolutely do (given everything in your life), you will build capacity, confidence, and little bit of greatness each time.

Have a great day,


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