Are You Big Enough to Go Small?

I was with a group of friends last night who have a major activity coming up on Sunday. They have an important vision, huge goals, and great hopes. Yet they are not tackling this big deal event burning themselves out with gigantic actions. The steps they are taking are small, discrete, and actually doable.

While it’s easy to be captivated and distracted by the lure of the BIG, it takes a courageous person to move ahead with small, consistent, and accessible actions. What I have seen (time and again) is people rising from very challenging circumstances to excel once again and be happy – one BabyStep at a time.

Thanks dear friends for that reminder.

Warm regards,


One Reply to “Are You Big Enough to Go Small?”

  1. Baby Steps are know as the Kaizen way in Japan. What you came across in life has been an inspiration for thousands of years. How cool for you and those who follow this path. Good luck on your journey x

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