The Difference Between Believing and Actualizing

I was listening to a speaker yesterday who really inspired me to deeply self-reflect. A key theme of her talk was the word “Actualize”. If you look in the dictionary, the word actualize means “to make a reality”. I am all for making my goals a reality and helping others do the same.

The speaker shared an important distinction between believing something and actualizing it. While a belief in something is wonderful and a strong belief can be perceived by others as commitment, if we don’t demonstrate that belief by making our goals a reality – those beliefs will not be inspiring.

So her talk made me pause and think – where do I actualize my goals and dreams and where I am more talk than action? Whew, a challenge bit of self-reflection! My next step is to sort through what I truly want and then marry what I believe with actual proof (via my attention and action).

Have a great day,

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