An Alternative to Being Controlling

I am working on a project and thought that I had everything nailed down for the speaker. Well, all of a sudden dates and times were changing, there were delayed responses to email, and more changes. Last Friday, I thought that everything was set. Control set and in place – or so I thought.

As I was meditating, I wanted to know if the dates and times were solidified and I wanted to know right then and there. At the moment I finished my meditation an email instantly popped into my inbox. It was yet another change. Even though I received exactly the information I asked for, I wanted to control the situation and find another date and time for my original speaker.

That said, I stopped myself and began to explore other possibilities. I am happy to say that I have a new speaker who is thrilled to do it.

My lesson: begin controlling rarely creates the best outcome. Live a little – be open and see where it takes you.

Have a great day,

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