Force Fits Fallacy

Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to have an experience I had included in a book that would have global reach. I was really excited about the possibility and thrilled when my story was accepted for inclusion. A day later, I received the release form. As I read it, I started to feel terrible – torn between wanted to be part of this wonderful book and a sense that signing this form was the wrong thing to do. I even felt guilty for considering the possibility of saying no to this.

I meditated on it for almost a week and I still felt horrible. So, I contacted the editor (someone I know and admire) who told me to trust my instincts and not force fit this. While he very much wanted my story in the book – only if it was right for me. I thanked him and declined the offer to have my story included. I immediately felt that this was the right decision. Within months, I had another opportunity to be part of a book. I said yes to it and the project was a big success.

My lesson: trust your instincts, don’t make decisions based on shoulds or guilt, and refuse to force fit anything.

Have a great weekend,


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