The Confidence Factor

A few days ago I attended the book launch party for a friend who had written a novel (in three volumes – volume one came out this month).

I remember sitting in her old apartment nearly nine years ago discussing her dream of becoming a novelist. There was almost no light in her living room and the only window looked at a brick wall. Now, I am not saying that her environment reflected her life – but what I will say is that neither was shiny and bright.

Fast forward to last Sunday. As I walked into the venue for the book party, I saw a beaming rock star in my friend. Confidence exuded from every aspect of her being – from her smile to her clothing to how she commanded the room when she read us an excerpt. My friend worked hard to transform her heart and it is clear in her life.

Dear friend, I am so proud of you. Congratulations!

Ready to go after your dreams? Start on the inside.

Have a great day,


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