Connections With Value and Without Strings

I was chatting with someone today who was in from out of town. I have only met him once in person, the rest by phone. It was wonderful to see how much progress he has made and the degree to which he has focus, commitment, and a sense of purpose.

When I first spoke to him, he was a bit uncertain about the value he could bring to an employer, where he wanted to go, and concrete steps he could take. While very capable, he was filled with uncertainty, procrastination, and a bit of self-doubt on the side.

The best part of all was seeing what he had done with my suggestions of people with whom to chat – and the deep level of appreciation he has for each contact, person, and the time. As we were finishing up our meeting, he thanked me again and asked how he could help others. The flow of connections had come full circle: I helped him without asking anything in return and he is offering to help others without expecting anything more.

I have come realize, yet again, that when I give value to others without expecting anything in return that beneficial things flow back.

Have a great weekend,


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