When to Give Up

I spoke to a friend over the weekend and she was sharing with me a major decision point in her life. She had committed several years to a career that she used to love, but didn’t anymore. My friend is one of those finance types who is a whiz at accounting, financial statements, and acquisitions. Well, no longer.

That said, she was having a hard time saying no to her old career and yes to a new one. It’s totally understandable after such an investment (on her part) of time, sacrifices, and money (for her education).

The other aspect was that she felt like she was giving up – and in a sense, she is. Yet there is a big difference is rolling over and quitting and choosing another path.

My friend is doing just that. She is making the changes incrementally – in BabySteps -so she can manage the process and her state-of-mind.

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