Rut Busters: Are You Ready?

I was chatting with someone in January. He was feeling stuck in a rut. While this is not an uncommon dilemma, my friend was deeply troubled by his lack of personal and professional advancement.

Then the BIG question bubbled up in my brain and I just had to ask him: “So what do you want to do and how will this lead to your great advancement?”

Dead silence.

“Oh, that could be part of the problem,” he laughed a bit with discomfort in his voice.

As we chatted more, my friend admitted that he knows what he wants but was too afraid to say it out loud. Been there, done that and I know many people who could join that club.

To my friend’s credit, he is taking Babysteps and slowly climbing out of the rut.

Are you ready?

Have a great day,


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