Keep Tracking Your Wins

At the beginning of the year, I met with a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. When I asked her about herself, she sighed and told me that she had been enmeshed in a series of family crises and had little to show for it other than a bunch of stress in her face.

While I understand how stressful things can be at home, work, and school, I shared with her what a wise friend had told me at a particularly challenging time in my life. Kevin encouraged me to take a step back and document the wins (big and small) that I had each day.  Her first reaction (which was almost identical to mine with my friend) was one of “you’ve got to be kidding?”

To her credit, my friend didn’t say a word. Instead she paused for a moment. Finally, she told me that she had nothing to lose to search for even teeny tiny wins. When I spoke to her recently, her demeanor, perspective, and even voice had changed. Finding those tiny wins and accepting that they count made all the difference for her.

I think I am going to start tracking my wins once again.

Have a great day,


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