Decide for Success

I was with a few friends over the weekend and there was a rather lengthy discussion about decisions – personal and professional ones.  One of my friends shared about a big decision she has contemplated over for several months. I was very happy for her, but sad that she was moving to Europe for an extended period.

Being analytical, we all wanted to know what criteria she used to make the decision, what process she employed, and what led to her final decision to go. My friend just smiled and said, “It’s not all that complicated. In the end, I looked at the facts and then followed my heart. Postponing a decision for too long doesn’t lead to success, so I decided to go on this great adventure!”

My friend has a really good point. We can gather lots of data, analyze this information forever, and worry about making the wrong decision. That does not create much success. Making the best decision given what you know, increases success (and happiness) exponentially.

Have a decisive day,


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